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Why We Believe

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints seems bound for self-destruction. We send young men with only minimal training out to be representatives (Ministers) for the church. Men with a full time job and family responsibilities are called as Bishops to provide spiritual leadership for the local congregation. In fact all positions of responsibility except for the general authorities are staffed by volunteers. Out of this prescription for disaster come a people who must draw closer to the Lord. They are not puppets guided by a centralized leadership from Salt Lake City. They have paid the price and have had the sweet experiences that expanded their souls.

Practically every family in the church can tell about experiences they have had personally or someone close to them that reinforces their belief. They have felt the warm glow of the gospel in action. The have known true joy as they have followed the path outlined by the Savior. They have been visited by angels, seen or experienced miraculous healings. They have had firsthand experiences with the power of prayer and priesthood of God. Their lives have been touched, motivated, blessed and they have felt the spirit as they have blessed the lives of others. The types of interractions have been as varied as the people themselves and their own special needs. I have known of things as simple as finding a lost coin, to healings of incurrable diseases, marvelous manifestations of divine protection, and witnessed lives touched by the Savior.

We draw strength from the scriptures (Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine & Covenants, Pearl of Great Price), are blessed by the counsel of latter-day Prophets, touched by the strength of each others spirit, and bask in the glow of a child so soon from his heavenly home. Our doctrine gives us hope in times of despair, courage when faith falters, meaning when we doubt, and the love of our Savior at all time. We learn to overlook faults and errors, love those who need our help, and care for each other. We see through practice that the restored gospel of Jesus Christ provides us with the tools and spiritual guidance to make of life a heavenly experience. 


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