One-Minute Answers by Stephen R. Gibson

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Part 1 Answers to Questions About The Book of Mormon

  1. Does The Book of Mormon Quote Shakespeare?
  2. Why Is the French Word Adieu Used?
  3. Did The Book of Mormon Give the Wrong Birthplace For Jesus?
  4. Does The Book of Mormon Quote the King James Bible?
  5. Does The Book of Mormon Contradict the Bible?
  6. Does the Doctrine and Covenants Contradict The Book of Mormon?
  7. Why Is Christ Only "A" Son of God?
  8. Was The Book of Mormon Based On View of the Hebrews?
  9. Where Is The Book of Mormons "Fullness of the Gospel"?
  10. Does The Book of Mormon Forbid Polygamy?
  11. Did the Smithsonian Refute The Book of Mormon?
  12. Why Were 4,000 Changes Made?
Part 2 Answers to Questions About The Bible
  1. Can Anyone "Add to lt"?
  2. Was Moroni a False Spirit?
  3. Do Latter-day Saints Teach Another Gospel?
  4. Do Latter-day Saints Tear Down The Bible?
  5. Why Trust In "Burnings in the Bosom"?
  6. Why Believe In The Bible Only As It Is Translated Correctly?
Part 3 Answers to Questions About Joseph Smith
  1. Did Joseph Smith Claim To Do a Greater Work Than Jesus?
  2. Did Joseph Smith Falsely Prophesy of Christ's Return?
  3. Can People Go To Heaven Without Joseph Smith's Consent?
  4. Did Joseph Smith Falsely Prophesy Of a Temple In Independence?
  5. Was Joseph Smith Really a Martyr?
  6. Did Joseph Smith Teach That the Moon Was Inhabited?
  7. Why Did Joseph Smith Make Changes In the Doctrine & Covenants?
  8. Did Joseph Smith Prophesy Falsely Regarding David Patten?
Part 4 Answers to Questions About Church Doctrine
  1. How Does Baptism Relate to Being "Born Again"?
  2. Can Men Become As God?
  3. Are All Statements By LDS Authorities Doctrine?
  4. Are Latter-day Saints Really Christians?
  5. Why Don't LDS Avoid "Endless Genealogy"?
  6. Is Man Saved By Grace Or Works?
  7. Why Did Joseph Smith Describe "Everlasting Burnings" In Heaven?
  8. No Salvation Outside the LDS Church?
  9. Are There Three Heavens and No Hell?
  10. Doesn't Isaiah Call Our Righteousness "Filthy Rags"?
Part 5 Answers to Questions About Jesus Christ and God the Father
  1. Is God Adam?
  2. Does the "Mormon" God Change?
  3. Do the Saints Have A "Different Jesus"?
  4. Was Jesus Begotten of the Holy Ghost?
  5. Was Jesus Married?
  6. Is Lucifer the Brother of Jesus?
  7. Is There More Than One God?
  8. Is the "Mormon Jesus" Unforgiving?
  9. Is God a Spirit in the Book of Mormon?
  10. Are Some Sins Unforgivable?
Part 6 Answers to Questions About Miscellaneous Items
  1. Was the "Revelation" Received in Response to Pressure?
  2. Does "Mormon" Mean "Gates of Hell"?
  3. Why Don't the Saints Wear Crosses?
  4. Is the Temple Garment Unchristian?
  5. Why Was Joseph Smith Jailed?
  6. Is Oliver Granger's Name Forgotten?
  7. Do the Saints Have 4,300 Laws?
  8. Was the Book of Abraham Disproved?
  9. Why Have Secret Oaths and Covenants?
  10. Does the Temple Display Pentagrams?
  11. Are the Temple Rituals Anti-Christian?
  12. Are Church Publications the Source of Doctrine?
  13. Do Only Prophets Think For the Church?
  14. Did Church Leaders Have Weaknesses?
  15. Why Water For the Sacrament?