To achieve job-searching results as quickly as possible you should:

The following model, based on the goal of contacting 50 people orresources per week, will help you optimize your job search. After contacting companies and employers be sure to follow up within a fewdays to maintain momentum.

Word-of-Mouth Referrals

    Make at least 18 networking contacts per week – You have at least 100contacts.

Contacting Companies Directly

    Make at least 15 contacts with companies per week from www.ldsjobs.org - Login

Advertisements and Internet Listings

    Limit your use of this source to 7 leads per week

Employment Agencies and Recruiters

    Limit your use of this source to 5 leads per week (Same 5 each week)

Additional Contacts

    Make 5 more contact during the week using any of the 4 main sources orthrough schools, unions, trade journals or government services.

Follow Up

    Make at least 10 follow-up contacts each day.


Record your daily activities, compare your job search to the suggestedmodel. Over time, you will see how well your search is progressing and how long the search might take. Evaluate your experiences with ajob coach to determine what works well and what you might do to improve.