Health Topics

  1. Healthy Foods
  2. Supplements (& vitamins)
  3. Skincare and Beauty
  4. Natural Medicine
  5. Toxins
  6. Physical Environment
  7. Exercise
  8. Healthy Diets & Weight Loss
  9. Life Extension -- Anti-Aging
  10. Things to Avoid
  11. Cure Diseases & Conditions
  12. Allopathic Medicine
  13. Energy Fields
  14. Healthy Households
  15. Organic Gardening
  16. Entertainment
  17. Health Services
  18. Emotional Health
  19. Natural Health Organizations
  20. Education
  21. Activism
  22. Comprehensive Sites
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  24. Anatomy, Physiology and Chemistry
  25. Survival Principles
  26. Healthy Babies
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Sites that Health Ranger Pays Attention

Things to be sure to buy

1. Healthy Foods

Honest Food Guide 
Nutrition Data Sites
    Nutrition Data 
    Calorie Count
    Internet Nutrtion Database
    Food Genius

Alkaline Foods
    Alkaline Foods List

    Apple Peels Prevent Muscles Wasting from Aging and Illness

    Chokeberry extract helps maintain proper weight
    Wildcrafted Acai berries from Brazil pack a nutitional punch
    Berries keep brains young, protect from memory loss
    Protect artery health with blueberries

    Eat Broccoli and avoid arthritis

    Why is Butter Better

    Good Carbs, Bad Carbs

    Rapunzel - Chocolate, Oils & Vinegar, Soups, Cane Sugar 
    Sjaaks Organic Chocolates 
    Chocolate Alchemy - The Art and Science of Homemade Chocolate 
    Sweet Earth Chocolates 
    World Wide Chocolates 
    Chocolate reduces blood pressure and improves heart health
    Dark Chocolate Guards Against Brain Injury
    Raw Cacao: Turn Chocolate Cravings Into Super Nutrition
    Sacred Chocolate bon-bon truffles are topped with rose petals, mango powder and even 24 carat gold

    Dinner should be your largest meal

    Echinacea for colds

    The Incredible, Edible Egg Yolk

    The Enzyme Story - Jon Barron
    More Enzyme Information - Jon Barron

    Watermelon is a Nutritional Powerhouse

    Grapefruit is a Wonder Fruit

    Why should we juice? 
    JuicePlus+ vs Vitamin and Mineral Supplements 
    Juicing is the Key to Radiant Health - Natural News
    Juicing: Your Key to Radiant Health - Dr. Mercola
    Tips to Improve Your Health by Juicing 
    Interview with Carol Macintosh of Evergreen Wheatgrass Juice 
    Six Reasons to Drink Green Juice Every Day 
    Lakewood Juices 
    Healing Powers of Raw (Living) Foods and Juices (part 1) 
    Healing Powers of Raw (Living) Foods and Juices (part 2) 
    Hurom Slow Juicer - Best Machine for Juicing - Tips for using the Hurom Slow Juicer
    How to Cleanse and Nourish Your Cells with Freshly Pressed Vegetable Juices - Dr. Ben Kim
    Jay Kordich PowerGrind Pro from the Father of Juicing

    Discovering the Power of Kale

Moringa Tree
    Moringa Tree is a Natural Source of Food and Medicine

    Eat This During Winter to Radically Reduce Your Risk of Cold or Flu

Organic Farming
    Biodynamic Farming & Gardening Association 
    Angelic Organics - Learning Center  
    Eat Wild - #1 Site for grass-fed food and facts 
    Food, Inc. - Problems with our food industry

Organic Foods
    Lundberg Family Farms 
    Applegate Farms 
    Earthbound Farm 
    Newman's Own Organics 
    Eden Organic 
    Sun Organic 
    Selina Naturally 
    Gold Mine Natural Foods 
    South River Miso 
    Organic Consumers Association 
    Beyond Pesticides 
    Living Nutritionals 
    Ultimate Life Products 
    Barlean's Organic Oils 
    Wilderness Family Naturals 
    Flora Health USA
    Aunt Patty's Natural Foods 
    The Hain Celestial Group 
    SunFood - LegaSea, TRUessence, Smartfood, O3world 
    Diamond Organics 
    Hearland Mill - Grain, Flour
    Food for Life - Sprouted Whole Grain Foods 
    Purity Foods - Vita Spelt, Grains, Cereal, Flour, Pasta, Snacks 
    Lydia's Organics - Dehydrated foods made from raw, organic, vegan ingredients 
    Maharishi Ayurveda Products International 
    Organic Fruits and Nuts 
    Rejuvenative Foods 
    The World's Healthiest Foods – Chapter 1  
    Body Ecology Diet 
    The Future of Food - DVD
    Organic vs Convential Food and the Misleading Studies and Farms - Jon Barron
    Organic Slant "Challenging Conventional Culture"

Organic Meats
    Organic Chickens are Genetically Different
    Healthy Animals make Healthy Humans
    Laura's Lean Beef
    Diestel Turkeys 
    Northstar Bison 
    Inside the Meatrix
    Natural Acres 
    Dakota Beef Company 
    Wild Idea Buffalo 
    Full Circle Bison Ranch 
    Petaluma Poultry 
    Blackwing Quality Meats 
    Sheepdrove Organic Farm 
    Lobel's Heritage Meats 
    Thirteen Mile Lamb & Wool Company 
    Foxfire Farms 
    VitalChoice Wild Seafood & Organics 
    Rose Fisheries 
    Wild Planet - Wild Seafood 
    St. Jude Tuna 
    Marine Stewardship Council
    Seafood Selector  -  Fish Advisories 
    How Eating Meat Can Save the Planet

    Pomegranate Fights Cancer

Raw Food
    Raw Food Diet Offers Considerable Benefits
    Living and Raw Foods 
    Wikipedia - Eating Raw Foods
    Raw Guru 
    Why Raw Foods? 
    The raw foods diet: The taste alone is worth it! 
    Articles on Raw Foods 
    Raw Foods and Enzymes 
    East Park Research 
    Raw for Thirty six people eat only raw food for 30 days, reverses diabetes (one is type 1 diabetic)
    High Raw: A Simple Approach to Health, Eating and Saving the Planet by Kevin Gianni 
    Raw Food Wold Summit 
    Living Young! To Love, Vitality, and Longevity (Daniel's Challenge)

    Salba Nature's Perfect Whole Food
    What is Salba?

    Sprout People 
    What's so Great About Wheatgrass?

Real Milk
    The Raw Truth About Real Milk - PDF 
    Campaign for Real Milk
    Organic Pastures 
    Organic Valley Coop. 
    Raw Milk - History, Health Benefits and Distortions - by Ron Schmid MD 
    Campaign For Real Milk 2008 - Weston A. Price Foundation Power Point Presentation
    Response to Anti-Raw Milk Position Paper by Bill Marler, JD - prepared by the Weston A. Price Foundation
    Raw Milk: What the Scientific Literature Really Says 
    Devil in the Milk: Illness, Health and the Politics of A1 and A2 Milk by Keith Woodford  - Review by Natural News, Chapter 2 - Casomorphins  
    Report in Favor of Raw Milk for Los Angeles Board of Supervisors 
    Virtues of Raw Milk by Elizabeth Walling 
    Huge Victory - Ohio court now allows "rbgh-free" label for milk without recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone.
    Best Raw Milk is Goat's Milk with many benefits
    Legislative Bills for raw milk sales
    Why you need to avoid low-fat Milk and Cheese
    FDA wages secret war on raw milk farmers using KGB-style spying and infiltration techniques
    CDC lies about deaths from raw milk and ignores deaths from pasteurized milk

Sea Vegatables
    Main Coast Sea Vegatables 

Slow Food
    Slow Food 
    Slow Food USA 

Sugar (Healthy)
    Just Like Sugar - 0 calories, healthy ingredients
    Coconut Sugar
    Surprisingly Sweet Health Benefits of Pure Maple Syrup
    Sugar Substitutes -- What's Healthy and What's Not - Dr. Mercola

Super Foods
    Amazing Grass - Organic Wheat Grass, GREEN Superfood 
    Boku Super Food - Organic Nutrition you can Actually Feel! 
    Dr. Perricon's 10 Superfoods 
    Enzymatic Therapy - Earth's Promise
    Living Fuel - The Leader in Superfood Nutrition 
    MacroLife Naturals - Macro Greens, Miracle Reds 
    SGN Nutrition - Emerald Balance, X Balance 
    Recommended Super Food Protein powders
    Tocotrienols (rice bran solubles) deliver a powerhouse of plant-based nutrition
    Lentils are the Ideal Superfood
    Boku and Raw Meal Superfoods
    Designing a Superfood Formula - Part1, Part2, Private Reserve Superfood - Jon Barron
    Top 10 Superfoods Mike Adams (Health Ranger) eats every day
    Superfood seeds for your back yard
    Discover the Superfood power of Hemp
    Spirulina - Miracle High-Protein Super Food - Spiru-Blue: avoids manufacturing problems with additional benefits

    Oregon Choice - High Quality, Low Mercury Tuna, Salmon, Crab, Oyster, Shrimp

    The Best and Worst Vegetables to Eat

    Vegetarian Myths
    Angelina Jolie - The Mistake that Almost Killed Her
    Massive Mistakes in the China Study that is used to support Vegetarianism

Whey Protein Powder
    Truth about Protein Shakes 
    Whey Has Better Protein that Meat, Fish or Eggs

Whole Grains - Quinoa, Buckwheat, Brown Rice, Spelt, Amaranth, Farro, Kamut, Rye, Oat Groats, Millet, Teff
    Instead of Wheat use Whole Grains 
    Whole Grain and Nothing but the Grain - Part 1 - Jon Barron
    Whole Grain and Nothing but the Grain - Part 2 - Jon Barron   

2. Supplements

Daily Recommendations
    Jon Barron's Essential Supplements
    Roadmap to Choosing Supplements - Beyond Health
    Daily Supplements for Maintaining Health - Dr. Christopher
    Why You Must Make Garlic a Daily Super Food 
    Essential Probiotics
    CoQ10 or Ubiquinol

    True Aloe 
    Catherine's Choice Aloe Vera 
    Forever Living 

    The Ultimate Antioxidant - Dietary recommendation by Jon Barron

    King of the carotenoids one of the top three most important nutrients for human health
    Astaxanthin and spirulina
    Worlds Strongest Antioxidant - astaxanthin.pdf
    Protect (sunscreen) and Enhance Skin
    The Age-Defying Antioxidant, 550 Times More Powerful than Vitamin E - Dr. Mercola

Bee Products
    Manuka Honey 
    Honey Gardens - Plant Allies 
    Bee Botanicals 
    Y.S. Organic Bee Farms 
    Forever Living 
    More than 75% of "honey" sold in stores contains no honey at all 
    Why You Should Ditch Sugar In Favor of Honey - GreenMedInfo   

Bio-identical Hormones
    The Safety of Bio-Identical Hormones 
    Monster Hormone - Medroxyprogesterone acetate 
    FDA Statement "Sorting Myths from Facts" 
    Endocrine Society Statement on Bioidentical Hormones 
    International Hormone Society 
    My Bioidential Hormones - Northbrook, IL - Maria Krasztbsja MD
    Wiley Protocol 
    Bioidentical Hormones - Do You Need Them? - video by Dr. Jonathan Wright
    Graph of Hormone Levels for Menstrual Cycle 
    Women in Balance - non-profit advocacy for women's hormone health
    International Hormone Society statement on Bio-Identical Hormones 
    Why Are They Still Controversial? by Life Extension written by 9 doctors  at 
    Estrogen Replacement: The Untold Truth 
    Trimestra not a true replacement for estriol 
    Ghostwriters for "scientific" articles on synthetic hormones funded by Pharmaceutical Companies

    Dietary Calcium Fact SheetAssalt on Calcium 
    Brazil Live Coral 
    Calcium and Calcium Deficiency 
    Calcium Deficiency: What You Should Know 
    The Importance of Calcium 
    Bio-Available Calcium from Eggshells 

    Overview and Links from Dr. Christopher
    Heal with ten top common herbs and spices

    This Near Perfect Food Flushes Heavy Toxins From Your Body
    Chlorella gobbles up toxins
    Ginny Bank on Chlorella

Collodial Silver
    Sovereign Silver 
    Benefits and Attack on Collodial Silver 
    SilverLungs System for effective production of ionic and collodial silver

    The Truth about CoQ10 - Accel a new Form of CoQ10 
    As you age you need the ubiquinol form of CoQ10
    Ubiquinol reduced LDL
    Importance of CoQ10 or ubiquinol

Fats & Oils
    Olive Oil 
    Truth about Saturated Fats Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 
    Problems with Vegetable Oil 
    Coconut Oil 
    Coconut Oil and Thyroid Health 
    Four Reasons Saturated Fat is Healthy 
    Benefits of Coconut Oil - Beyond Health Source
    Olive Oil phenols halt inflammation
    The False "Lipid Hypothesis" that low-fat diets were good for you
    The Skinny on Fats - Weston A Price Foundation
    Five "Scientific" Myths about Fats - A very good article about fat by Jon Barron
    9 Lies About Fat That Destroyed the World's Health  - Kris Gunnars

    Premium Gold Flax 

    Garlic treats high blood pressure, etc. 
    Heal with ten top common herbs and spices

    Herbal Solutions 
    Himalaya Herbal Healthcare 
    Vital Nutrients 
    Dragon Herbs 
    Herbal Remedies 
    Mountain Rose Herbs 
    Kyloic - Aged Garlic Extract 
    Gaia Herbs  - Traceable potency, safety and details (Meet Your Herbs- Mike Adams Review)
    Eclectic Institute 
    Peaceful Mountain 
    Primal Essence 
    Traditional Medicinals 
    Herbal Powers 
    Discount Vitamins & Herbs 
    Chinese Herb Shop 
    Vitanet LLC 
    Herbs of Mexico 
    iHerb *
    Planetary Herbals 
    Ridgecrest Hebals 
    Algae World 
    HealthForce Nutritionals 
    Rain Tree Nutritionals 
    Herbal Direct 
    Heal with ten top common herbs and spices

    L-arginine and Cardiovascular Support
    This amino acid helps protect you from different diseases

    You need more Magnesium than Calcium

    Liquid Minerals from Thomas Jefferson Clark mine in Utah

    Pure Planet
    New Chapter 
    Willner Chemists - The Nutritional Supplement Professionals 
    Ben Salem Naturals 
    Thayers Natural Remedies 
    Liddell Laboratories - Advanced Homeopathy 
    Calcomp Nutrition   

    Earths Bounty - Noni, Gogi, Etc.  
    Freelife - Gogi   GogiChi 
    Mona Vie - açai berry 
    Drink Life In - Moringa mix 
    Exotic Fruit Market 
    Sun Chlorella 
    Maca Magic 
    STEMTech HealthSciences, Inc - Helping the Body Heal Itself 
    Tahitian NONI 
    Sambazon - Acai 
    Bossa Nova (Acai, Gogi, Mangosteen, Acerola)

    Iseland Health 
    Nordic Naturals 
    Carlson Labs 
    Explanation of Fats, Oils, Fatty Acids, Triglycerides (Omega-3, Omega-6, etc.) 
    Krill Oil 
    Omega Q Plus 
    Making Sense of Omega-3 Fatty Acids 
    Omega-3 - Dr. Mercola ALA is converted to EPA & DHA at a very low ratio and only with sufficient enzymes
    Omega-3 - Krill Oil - Reason why it is important to get animal based omega-3 and advantages of Krill oil
    When Never EVER to Use Fish Oil - Dr. Mercola
    Chia Seeds for Omega-3  Dr. Weil discusses Chia
    Omega-3 Linked to Longevity
    Krill Oil is MUCH better than Fish Oil
    Omega-3 can be measured and higher level are anti-aging

Probiotics & Digestion
    SeroVera for Life 
    Custom Probiotics Inc. 
    Nutri Health 
    Complete Probiotic recommended by Dr. Mercola
    Dr. Ohhiro's Probiotics - All natural, 3 year fermentation, no refrigeration needed, and proprietary L. bacteria.
    More than a Probiotic - A Prebiotic from Kiwi that helps solve digestion problems and general health - Extend-Life
    Bacteria helps you detox pesticides (Lactobacillus brevis, Lactobacillus plantarum, and Lactobacillus sakei) - Kimchi
    What is important for the best probiotic - where to get the best combination - Mercola
    Bacteria in gut can affect your brain

    Sources of Resveratrol
    Resveratrol not in wine as much now.

    Himalayan Crystal Salt 
    Mineral Mountain Krystal Salt 
    Is Salt Really the Villain?
    Your Salt may be Killing You if not natural Sea Salt
    Reasons not to reduce Salt Intake

   Beware of sodium selenite and sodium selenate sources of selenium

    High Protein Super Food
    One of Natures near perfect foods

Supplements for Men
    Iron Curtain Labs 
    Northand Biogenics 

Supplements for Women
    Christiane Northrup, M.D. 
    Dr. Lark 

    The importance of Sulfur for your body

    Stevia Smart 
    Madhava Honey
    Maple Valley Syrup 
    SweetLeaf - Stevia an alternative no calorie sweetner

    Dr. Lee's Tea For Health 
    Zhena's Gypsy tea 
    African Red Tea 
    Wisdom of the Ancients 
    Kombucha America 

    Organic India
    Health benefits of Turmeric and Curcumin
    Heal with ten top common herbs and spice
    Curcumin-cancer fighting & protects and regenerates brain cells after a stroke
    Spice that Ignites Your Body's Astonishing Immune System
    Turmeric is the new "super spice" for health - Liquid Turmeric

    New Chapter 
    Personalized Nutrition 
    Irwin Naturals 
    CostLess Vitamin 
    VP Nutrition 
    VitaCost *
    Total Health Discount Vitamins 
    My Vitanet 
    New Vitality 
    Vitamin Shoppe 
    Puritan's Pride 
    Vital Nutrients 
    Vital Nutrients - Ron Pellegrini
    Vitamin Research Products 
    Calcomp Nutrition 
    Health Superstore 
    VitaCart - Discount Supplements
    Stop Taking Multivitamins Until You Read/Listen to This - Dr. Mercola
    The Best Multivitamin Plus Minerals - Dr. Mercola

    Vitamin B
        Liquid B Vitamins 

    Vitamin B3
        Vitamin B3 may be the cure for drug-resistant superbug infections

    Vitamin B-12
        The Single Greatest Energy Booster

    Vitamin C
        Vitamin C Foundation 
        Livon Laboratories - Power Vitamin C 
        Vitamin C - L-Ascorbic reduced only, Beyond Health 
        High IV doses of vitamin C saves a man that was dying from swine flu
        Caution: High doses of vitamin C on a regular basis can lower your levels of copper and compromise immune system.
        Vitamin C may be effective treatment for heart failure
        Vitamin C kills drug resistant TB

    Vitamin D 
        Vitamin D Resource Page - Mercola 
        Little Sunshine mistakes that can give you cancer instead of Vitamin D - Mercola
        Vitamin D: How do you know how much you need? 
        Vitamin D Calculator, Sun required to produce 25 mcg (equivalent to 1,000 IU) of vitamin D. US lat/long
        High dose Vitamin D well tolerated 
        Vitamin D Spray - Mercola
        Food Enrichment is with wrong kind of vitamin D
        Prescription vitamin D is Snythetic D2 instead of D3
        Increased Vitamin D virtually eliminates breast cancer
        Epidemic of Vitamin D deficiency sweeping the world
        Vitamin D Improves Insulin Sensitivity, Helps Prevent Diabetes
        Vitamin D Deficiency is Why You Get Flu!
        Vitamin D Solution - Mercola-April 20, 2010
        Vitamin A Supplements may Negate Benefits of Vitamin D (Vitamin A/D ratio is important
        The Truth About Sunlight, Cancer and Vitamin D - 23 minute Health Ranger video
        Sun exposure is good, not bad, say some scientists - and melanomas are incorrectly diagnosed
        Mushrooms generate vitamin D when exposed to ultra violet light
        Vitamin D Council
        Flaws in the IOM Vitamin D Study
        Abused and berated for years, now the nutritional hero. - also 1 hour vitamin D movie
        Dr. Mercola Free Report on Vitamin D
        Higher levels of Vitamin D equals lower risk of muiltiple sclerosis
        8000 IUs of vitamin D necessary to raise blood levels to needed level
        Vitamin D lowers blood pressure, prevents Diabetes, Improves Macular Degeneration, etc.
        Dr. Holick and Vitamin D Solution - Vitamin D Health.Org
        Vitamin D Can Radically Reduce Damage From Radioactivity
        Correctly Measuring Vitamin D Levels
        With Vitamin D supplementation keep 25(OH)D levels between 15 to 30 ng/ml to reduce risk of cardiovascular disease (See Without K2 below)
        Tanning Beds for Vitamin D

    Vitamin E
        Vitamin E: 4Spectrum 
        The other half of vitamin E equation - Palm fruit oil the richest source of tocotrienols -

    Vitamin K
        The Truth about Vitamin K  by Dr. Sinatra
        Vitamin K leads to lower Lymphoma Risk - Protects against non-Hodgkin Lymphoma
        Vitamin K Reduces Cancer 
        Vitamin K reduces diabetes risk  Reduces Diabetes Risk by 20%
        Must be MK-7 for best Vitamin K
        A Cancer-Preventing Vitamin (including prostate) Your Doctor is Likely Completely Clueless About
        Without Vitamin K2 vitamin D could encourage heart disease
        The vitamin you need (K2) to prevent Prostate Cancer
        Could this (K) be the new Vitamin D?

    Zinc Deficiency is a Global Concern 
    Is Zinc Really Good for a Cold?

3. Skincare and Beauty

    Burt's Bees 
    Jason Pure, Natural & Organic
    Dr. Jauiscjla Skin Care 
    Eminence Organic Skin Care 
    Sea Chi 
    Aubrey Organics 
    Suki Naturals 
    Nature's Gift - Essential Oils 
    Dr. Ron's Ultra Pure 
    Desert Essence 
    Global Health and Beauty 
    Morrocco Method Int'l 
    Soft Laser 
    East Park Research 
    Organic Health & Beauty 
    Forever Living
    Important Skin Care Information - Dr. Mercola
    8 Skin Moisturizer Ingredients You'd Best Avoid - Dr. Mercola

    Probiotics Send Signals from you Gut to your Skin
    Treat Dry Skin with Organic Body Butter - Dr. Mercola

Protect the Skin
    Natural Sun Screen and Mosquito Repellant - Dr. Mercola
    In the Summertime: Keep Your Hair and Skin Soft and Smooth
    Unlock the potential to "de-age" your skin
    The Best Foods for Healthy Skin to Age Gracefully - Dr. Mercola
    EWG's Sunscreen Guide
    Astaxanthin - Sunscreen in a pill
    Keys to healthy skin(end of article)
    Mineral Oil is harmful to the skin

4. Natural Medicine

    Mia Rose  - Aromatheraphy, Cleaners 
    Bio Excel, LLC - Essential Oil Therapeutics 
    National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy 
    Healing Natural Oils 
    Rivendell Aromatics 
    The Real Essentials - Young Living Distributor 
    Pacific Institute of Arometherapy 
    Forces of Nature 
    Star Flower Essence 

Bacteria Benefits
    Is Avoiding Bacteria Causing Sickness - Depressed People Too Clean?
    Humans have three different "enterotypes" of gut microbes

Birth Control
    Male Birth Control: Use Hot Water and Papaya Seeds

    Brenda Watson Digestive Care Expert
    Your Stomach, Part 1  
    Your Stomach, Part 2 


Hyperbaric Oxygen
    Dr. Richard Neubauer Clinic 

Laughter is the Best Medicine
    Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor
    Basic Jokes
    Aha Jokes
    The Humor Project
    Keep Smiling
    Gratitude is the Key

    Magnetico Sleep Pads 
    Bioelectromagnetics Society 
    Natural Feeling
    Polar Power Magnets 
    Magnetic Sleep Pad 


pH Balance - Acid-Alkaline
    PHion Balance
    pH Miracle Living 
    HeartMath - Personal emwave stress reliver 
    Dr. Rau - Paracelsus Clinic in Switzerland 
    Clinical Studies on Alkaline Water 
    pH/ORP Meter - Pulse
    Alkaline Water could cause major problems - Mercola (see response - next)
    Dr. Mercola and Alkaline Water - Jon Barron

    Vinegar Offers Miraculous and Mundane Uses
    Discover the many health benefits of organic, unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar

5. Toxins

    Top 10 Colon Cleansers 
    What is Colonix and why is it so popular? 
    Gastrointestinal Quackery: Colonics, Laxatives, and More 
    Natural Colon Cleansing: Is It Necessary? 
    Colon cleansing: Is it helpful or harmful?  - Mayo Clinic
    Colon Cleansing Forum 
    Colon Cleansing Zone 
    Detoxify the Colon and Kidneys 
    Colon Hydrotherapy 
    How Health Works 
    Cilantro: Herb assists in Heavy Metal Detoxification 
    Activated Charcoal
    Full Body Cleanse: Diet
    Chlorella - Flushes Toxins from your Body
    Bactium - Sweeps Colon Clean
    Very effective detox with exercise+Suana or Chlorella
    Full Body Detox Program - How to Detox - Jon Barron

Environmental Toxins
    How to Protect Yourself from 5 Pervasive Toxins
    Inescapable Toxins

    Sidestep Toxins and Fast Safely
    Fast 16 hours a day for increased health
    Water Fasting and Juice Fasting - Jon Barron
    Ketrogenic Diet: Its Benefirts and Role in Cancer Treatment - Mercola

Germs are GOOD for us
    Wider Variety of germs increases health

    The Original Parasite zapper 

6. Physical Environment    

    Eden PM Sleep Support 
    No Jet Lag 
    Americans Don't Get Enough Sleep
    Savvy Rest Organic Mattresses
    Wool is better than Down for sleeping
    The Importance of Sleep

    Dr. Kiper - Shock Absorbers for your feet 
    Orthotics Direct 
    Podiatry Channel 

Sun Gazing
    Solar Healing Center 
    Sun Gazing: History - Process
    Dr. Pressman discusses HRM (Sri Hira Manak Ratan Ji)  
    Dr. Shah's Report 
    Sungazing Resources 

Sunlight and Vitamin D
    Sun Protective Clothing
    Don't let the phoney melanoma scare keep you out of the sun Water
    2 Pure H2O - Pure Water System 
    Fiji Water 
    Wellness Healthier Water 
    Willard Water 
    Water Cure 
    Light Water 
    Kangen Water (alkaline) - Jupiter Science - Ion Life 
    Kangen Water - Enagic 
    Better Water Store - Jupiter Water Ionizers, etc.
    pH Miracle Living - Dr. Robert O. Young
    Avoid Distilled Water - Dr. Mercola - Rebutal and recommendations by Jon Barron
    Alkaline Water is NOT the Solution - Dr. Mercola
    Structured Water Important in the Body
    Power of vibrational energy and water
    Don't Stop Drinking Water
    What's Really In Your Tap Water?
    The case against 6-8 glasses of water each day
    Salt Lake City - Artesian water available in Park at 800 S 500 E

7. Exercise

Types of Exercise and what you eat after is important
    Exercise increases your brain power
    Exercise and Your Memory
    Revolutionary Program to Keep Your Body Biologically Young
    Exercise reduces cancer risk
    The BEST type of exercise discussed by Dr. Mercola, interview of Dr. Doug McGuff his
    12 Minutes Super Slow per Week

Body Exercises
    Full Body Exercises 

Bone Health
    Seniors can Literally Shake Their way to Better Bone Health

Concerns about Exercise
    The Exercise Mistake Proven to Damage Your Heart
    The Exercise Mistake Which Makes You Age Faster
    These 5 Exercise Mistakes Constitute a MASSIVE Waste of Your Time and Energy

Deep Breathing
    International Breath Foundation 
    Feel the Qi 
    Breath Dance 
    The Healer Within 
    RESPeRATE - Lower Blood Pressure 

Eating and Exercise
    When and what to eat to maximize exercise
    The Key to Better Fitness is Full Recovery
    How to use Food to Build Muscles and Imrove Health

Exercise Equipment
    Age Easy  - Inversion
    Inversion Table Superstore 
    Teeter Inversion 
    Power Plate® Acceleration Training Equipment

Fat Burning
    What to Avoid and do to Burn Fat
    Exercise alone will not remove fat

    American Massage Therapy Association 
    Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals 
    American Association of Bodywork Therapies of Asia 
    Hellerwork Structural Integration 
    Deep Tissue Massage 
    Rolf Institute 
    Fomentrek - Hot/Cold Water Bags - Relaxation 

Need for Exercise
    Sitting All Day: Worse For You Than You Might Think

    12 Minutes a day to great fitness and health

Peak 8
    Transform Your Health in just 20 minutes a day.

    Ultimate Rebound 
    Evolution Health and Fitness 
    Urban Rebounding 

Infrared Sauna
    Health Mate Far Infrared Saunas 
    High Tech Health 
    Sauna to the Rescue.pdf
    Sunlighten Empowering Wellness

    Walking Healthy Walking 
    Brisk Walking important but not enough

    Yoga Finder 
    International Association of Yoga Therapists 
    Yoga for the Young at Heart 
    Dahn Yoga 

8. Healthy Diets & Weight Loss

    WeightLoss-Naturally.pdf source 
    Okuma Nutritionals 
    Dr. Fuhrman and Your Ideal Weight 
    Why we gain weight presentation by Gary Taubes author of Good Calories, Bad Calories, an Interview
    Summary what makes us fat in Epilogue of Good Calories, Bad Calories
    Additional Analysis and comments on weight loss  by Gary Taubes
    Nutrition More Important Than Exercise for Weight Loss
    A Newly Discovered Cause of High Blood Pressure and Obsity? - Dr. Richard Johnson
    Excessive Fructose Intake, Not Starch Leads To Obesity
    Eight Amazing Plants that Make it Easier to Shed Pounds - BioThin with Irvingia
    Obesity Surgery Even Worse that Previously Thought
    How Western Diets are Making the World Sick 
    Fructose - tricks your body into gaining weight
    Fructose - make you fat and virtually forces you to eat
    Fructose - Tricks your body into stacking on Pounds
    Eat Like a Caveman and Watch the Pounds Melt Away

A Healthy Diet
    Eat Food according to your nutritional type - Mercola Free Nutritional Typing Test
    Mercola - Optimized Nutrition Plan
    Bacteria in your gut divides people into three groups
    Diet and Fat: A Severe Case of Mistaken Consensus
    Low-Fat has been Based on a Big Fat Lie
    Why Atkins Diet is not for everyone
    Low Carb Craziness -by Jon Barron (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)
    Healthy Diet by Jon Barron
    A Healthy Salad Dressing Recipe
    Natural Weight Loss Program - Jon Barron
    Healthy Food from Dr. Christopher Student
    The Food that Strengthens Your Muscles
    Good Gut Bateria May Help Fight Obesity
    Effective Weight Loss Substances - Dr. Mercola
    Best Foods to Boost your Metabolism
    Enzymes are important for a healthy diet
    It's not Fat or Salt, it is Fructose that is the problem
    Choosing the Best Protein Powder

        Thirty Years to Figure Out What to Eat for Breakfast - Dr. Mercola
        Protein Powder concerns and Dr. Mercola demonstation mixing breakfast drink
        Breakfast for Champions - Jon Barron
        We would be healthier if we ELIMINATED breakfast.

Diets (the Good and the Bad)
    Blood Type Diet:
        Blood Type Diet: Fact or Fiction?
        The Blood Type Diet Under the Spotlight
        Blood Type Diet - Wikipedia
        The Blood Type Diet: Latest Diet Scam
        Blood Type Diet Myth

    Ketogenic Diet
        Interiew with DAgostino on Cancer Research - Dr. Mercola PDF Transcript
        Ketogenic Diet Resource
        Ketogenic Diets by doctors Kossoff, Freeman, Turner and Rebenstein
        PART 1 - Intro To Ketogenic Diet YouTube by Prof Eric Kossoff and Zahava Turner in Tel Aviv, June 2012
        The Cantin Ketogenic Diet by Elaine Cantin

9. Life Extension -- Anti-Aging

    Life Extension 
    International Antiaging Systems 
    Gordon Research Institute 
    East Park Research 
    The Global Resource for Anti-Aging Medicine 
    World Society of Anti-Aging Medicine 
    Baseline of Health Program - Baseline of Health Foundation by Jon Barron  
    Extending telomeres
    T.A. Sciences - cell rejuvenation through telomerase activation (TA-65)
    Sierra Sciences - Cure Aging or Die Trying
    Anti-Aging conference panel with Dr. Mercola
    The Methuselah Foundation
    SENS Foundation - Human Regenerative Engineering
    Vigorous aerobic exercise reduces telomere shortening and increases production of HGH
    Slow, Stop and even Reverse Aging - 7 simple steps
    L-carnosine formula that reverses aging - Ever-Young

Blood Tests and other tests
    Life Extension 
    Metametrix ?
    Spectracell Laboratories - micronutrients, Lipoprotein & telomere testing, etc.

10. Things to Avoid

    Behavior rewards make ADHD drugs obsolete
    Gluten sensitivity might be root cause of ADHD

Adya Clarity - not really something you should drink
    Excess aluminum and iron exposure

Acrylamides (from frying, baking, roasting starchy foods at high temperatures)
    How to protect yourself from Cancer-Causing Acrylamides
    Heating Natural Plant based food yields Cancer causing Acrylamides

AGEs (Advanced Gycation End Products)
    Compounds produced by frying, grilling, smoking or pasteurization may be driving inflammation and aging.
    Adding some Herbs and Spices can reduce problems with cooked meats

    This 'Tequila' Sweetener is Far Worse than High Fructose Corn Syrup

Air Quality
    Bad air can make you sick

    Myth of a germ-free world and the problems of antimicrobial compounds

    Antibiotics make us fat, H-pylori is good for us, exposure to germs keeps us healthy
    Antibiotics not necessary before Dental Cleanings

    There is good arsenic and bad arsenic

    Articles on Aspartame on Natural News
    The Truth about Aspartame, MSC and Excitotoxins
    The Risks of Diet Soda
    Aspartame study observed HUGE tumors and it can make you fat
    This "Food" Radically Increases Your Risk of Cancer

Baby Carrots
    Chlorine in Your Baby Carrots

    Hormones in U.S. Beef Linked to Cancer Risk
    Meat doesn't cause cancer - It is the nitrites and nitrates 

    BPA and Narrowed Arteries: New Study Links Plastics Chemical with Coronary Artery Stenosis

Canned Foods
    BPA contamination in 90 percent of soup cans
    BPA makes canned food risky for pregnant women

    Carrageenan can give intestinal distress

Cell Phones
    Up to 30 Times the Cancer Risk for this indispensable daily tool

    Chromium-6 that causes cancer is in many municipal water supplies

Cooking Food
    The Innocent Cooking Mistakes that Could Cause Cancer - Heated Proteins

CT Scans (See X-Rays)

    Anti-depressant drugs no better than placebo
    Chemotherapy drugs causing cancer to pharmacists and medical personel
    These popular drugs can make you violent
    How the Pharmaceutical Industry Profits from False Claims

Electromagnetic Fields
    Dr. Magda Havas, PhD
    Electrosensitive Society 
    EMF Dangers - Type 3 Diabetes 

Environmental Chemicals
    Presidential cancer advisors find courage to warn about environmental risks of cancer chemicals

    Fish is not a Safe Source of Omega-3 Fats Anymore - Dr. Mercola

    One of the Biggest Health Frauds Ever Perpetrated on the American People
    Fluoridated Water Causes Brain Damage in Children
    A Toxin So Dangerous - Even CDC Now Warns Against Comsumption by Infants - fluoride protection 100 times less than assumed.
    Fluroide history and recent successes to remove fluoride and why it is important
    Fluoride depletes iodine in the body
    Documents show that government agencies purposely hid the truth about fluoride
    The Crippling Toxin you consume every day - Dr. Mercola
    Vitamin D better than Fluoride in reducing cavities
    Chocolate Better for Your Teeth Than Fluoride

Flu Vaccine
    Tamiflu dangerous
    Vaccine Claims are Not Based on Science-Backed Medicine

    These 7 Foods are a MASSIVE Waste of Your Money - Also, Some Very Health Foods
    Food addictions can be as strong as drug addictions

Frozen Yogurt
    Not a Health Food - it's just ice cream with probiotics

Genetially Modified Foods
    Non-GMO Shopping Guide
    Engineered Poison Lurking in Your Everyday Food?
    Jeffrey Smith video - talks about GMO foods
    Scientists find problems with GMO foods
    US Ambassador to France suggesting retaliation against those that oppose GMOs in Europe
    US Government pushing GMO crops - Problems with GMOs - Mercola
    Why Aren't GMO Foods labeled?
    GMOs are "self-propagating contamination" of our planet.
    19 Studies Link GMO Foods to Organ Disruption
    Mosanto chemical causes Infertility and Super Weeds
    Eight Foods You Should Almost Never, Ever Eat
    Despite Efforts Whole Foods Market can't keep GMOs out of Products
    Organic Farmers can now sue for GMO and pesticide pollution  
    GMO’s, Glyphosate, & Organic Foods 

    Gluten can affect your weight and brain
    Gluten sensitivity my be root cause of ADHD

High-Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)
    HFCS May raise Bad Cholesterol 
    Sugar May Be Bad, But This Sweetener Is Far More Deadly  
    High Fructose Corn Syrup More Fatening than Sugar
    High Fructose Corn Syrup: Tasty Toxin or Slandered Sweetener?
    Is Sugar Toxic (Gary Taubes)_New York Times - YouTube: Dr. Lustig - Sugar: The Bitter Truth 

Homogenized and Pasteurized Milk
    Milk and vascular disease
Xanthine Oxidase absorption not supported for Homogenized Milk 
    Polluted Milk
    Not Milk

Hydrogenated Oils
Articles on Hydrogenated Oils on Natural News

Junk Food
    Junk foods are addictive - like a drug

    Warning: Please Avoid Feeding this to your Child

    The Meat You Should Never, Ever Eat - with Meat Glue
    Processed Meats are Deadly
    Nearly Half of U.S. Meat Tainted with Drug-Resistant Bacteria

Mercury Dental Fillings
    Mercury Filings and How They Destroy Your Health 
    After Mercury Removal -- What is the Best Material to Replace Your Fillings With?
    How to stop use of mercury in fillings

    Why did Russians ban the Microwave?
    An Alternative to the Microwave - Turbo Oven, Microwave could be zapping your health
    One use for a microwave (maybe) - Sterilizing Sponges
    Microwave water kills plants 

Microware Popcorn
    Buttered Popcorn Flavoring Linked to Alzheimer’s

Milk (pasteurized, not raw)
    Scientists find a mass of synthetic chemicals in every glass of milk - Natural News
    Up to 20 chemicals are in your milk - Dr. Mercola

Mold (Mold Allergies)
    If you never seem to be truly well, this could be the reason
    Starve this toxin out of your body - Book: Mold the War Within

    MSG articles on Natural News
    Yeast Extract
    The Truth about Aspartame, MSC and Excitotoxins
    MSG makes you overweight also

    Perchlorate even in organic food

    Pesticides may be a leading cause of major diseases
    Pesticide induced diseases
    Beyond Pesticides (formerly National Coalition Against the Misuse of Pesticides)
    Pesticides Linked to Parkinson's Disease
    Roundup and other pesticides directly linked to Parkinson's, and Alzheimer's

Plastic Containers
    Smart Plastics Guide - Healthier Food Uses of Plastics  
    Non Plastic Alternatives (no BPA) ECO lunchboxes
    Sandwich and Snack Bags made from 100% organic cotton
    Even 'BPA-Free' Plastics Leach Endrocrine-Disrupting Chemicals

    Nutralize with Activated Charcoal

Prescription Medicine
    Mike Adams Interview of Dr. Ray Strand - author of "Death by Prescription"
    Death by Medicine, update 7 years later - Dr. Mercola

Processed Food
    The Battleground for Better Nutrition 
    Food, Inc. - Problems with our food industry
    Inside the Meatrix
    Avoid Processed Meats

Radon Gas - Second leading cause of lung cancer
    Granite countertops a source of radon gas

Root Canals for Teeth
    Why you should avoid Root Canals like the Plague

    Soap to avoid because of 1,4-dioxane
    What to avoid in bath and shower bath and shower products - natural alternatives
    Avoid soaps, toothpaste and hair products with Triclosan

    The Risks of Diet Soda

Sodium Nitrate
    Articles on Sodium Nitrate on Natural News

Soy (unfermented Soy)
    The Ploy of Soy - Weston A. Price Foundation 
    The Dangers of Soy - Natural News 
    The Trouble with Soy - WorldNetDaily
    Good Soy Products - Natural News
    Organic Soy Scorecard - Cornucopia Institute
    Hydrolyzed Vegatable Protein
    Soy Controversy Part 1, Part 2
    Which Veggie Burgers Were Made With a Neurotoxin?
    Soy Myths Exposed: The Dangers of Soy - Mercola
    Eating this "Healthy" Food? It Could be Slowly and Silently Killing You - Mercola
    Concerns Regarding Soybeans - Abstracted from Health Freedom News, Sept. 1995
    Does Soy have a DARK SIDE?
    Soy - Food, Wonder Drug, or Poison? - McDougall Newsletter
    Effect of Soy on Health Outcomes - U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
    The Good and Bad of Soy by Jon Barron

    Truth about Splenda 
    Splenda destroys good bacteria

    Sugar Feed Cancer Cells, Triggers Weight Gain and Promotes Aging
    Is Sugar [Fructose] Toxic? by Gary Taubes in New York Times
    Sugar: The Bitter Truth - lecture by Robert Lustig MD,  UCSF Professor
    Glucose - how to improve insulin sensitivity - Dr. Brownstein
    Sugar Alcohol - What is it
    Sugar: The Bitter Truth - YouTube by Robert H. Lustig, MD
    Sugar Substitutes -- What's Safe and What's Not - Dr. Mercola
    Why You Should Ditch Sugar In Favor of Honey - GreenMedInfo

    Sunscreens Exposed
    FDA not protecting us against bad sunscreen products 
    Many sunscreens increase skin cancer risk, FDA has known for a decade and done nothing

Statin Drugs
    900 Studies Show Statin Drugs are Dangerous
    Statin drugs cause liver damage, kidney failure and cataracts
    Statins can cause hyperglycemia which is diagnosed as diabetes
    The dark side of Statin Drugs - causes diabetes and other problems
    FDA admits that Statins cause diabetes (and other problems)
    Statin Drugs - JAMA debate

Swimming Pool
    Swimming in chlorinated pools increases your risk of cancer

Tap Water

    Fried Food: Potato Chips, Fries Linked to Cancer
    Eating Trans-fat-laden fast food linked to depression
    Natural Trans-Fats are GOOD for you

    Common OTC Painkilling linked to Cancer
    Should you ever take Tylenol?

    Nearly 30,000 Americans Get Cancer Each Year from CT-Scans

    Hepatitis B Vaccine Triples the Risk of Autism in Infant Boys 
    Aluminum in vaccines might lead to alzheimer's, ADHD & Autism
    Autism linked to vaccines and food sensitivities
    Proof that vaccines did not save us and in fact caused some serious problems
    Expert Pediatrician Exposes Vaccine Myths
    Read this before any Vaccination
    Flu vaccine sends some children into convulsions
    10 questions for doctors about flu vaccines
    Why does Baxter keep producing bad vaccines
    A scientific look at the missing science behind flu season vaccines
    What is really to blame for California's Whooping Cough Epidemic?
    UK Stops flu vaccine for small children - Flu shots are not effective - Dr. Mercola
    Latest Research Links Autism to Vaccines
    International Medical Council on Vaccination refutes vacine propaganda with myth-busting report
    Vaccines can Wreck Your Immune System
    Correlation between increased vaccines and infant mortality rates - IMRvsVaccines_Study
    Barbara Loe Fisher message about Vaccines
    If you Vacinate, Ask 8 Questions
    Hapatitis B vaccine to infants linked to many diseases
    Fraud used to discredit links with autism and vaccines
    Mercury has not been removed and attack against Doctors who pointed this out.
    CDC admits that flu vaccines don't work
    Reasons NOT to give Hepatitis B vaccine to 1 day old infants
    One of the Most Inexcusable Vaccine Revelations of All . . .
    Dr. Andrew Wakefield Presentation in Boulder Colorado, Oct. 20, 2010
    Pertussis vaccine responsible for half the awards for injury and death
    Anthrax Vaccine Nonsense
    The Greater Good Movie - Documentary film about problems with vaccines
    A Review of the Relationship between Thimerosal and Autism
    10 Outrageous (but true) facts about vaccines, the CDC and the vaccine industry don't want you to know.
    What Science Says About Getting a Flu Shot - Dr. Mark Smith (GreenMedInfo) [hint: Nothing]

Vegan Diet
    Mom's Vegan Diet Unintentionally Killed Her Innocent Nursing Child

    The Watermelon You Should Never, Ever Eat

11. Cure Diseases & Conditions

    See also (Blood and other Tests) in #9 Life Extension--Anti Aging
    Healing Food Reference by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger 
    Heal Yourself in 15 Days by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
    Health Advantage 
    1-800 Homeopathy 
    Dr. Christopher's Herbal Legacy
    Dave's Healing Notes
    Chi-Lel Qigong - Miracles of Natural Healing - Natural News
    Grandma'a Remedies - Motion Sickness, Bad Breath, Hiccups, Eczema, Toe Nail Fungus, Headaches, URI-Throat
    Curing Irreversible Diseases - Video

    Doris Rapp Education Corporation  ADHD/Bipolar 
    ADHD Fraud and the Chemical Holocaust against a Generation of Children - Dr. Fred Baughman
    Exposing the Fraud of ADD and ADHD
    Why do One in Ten Kids in the U.S. Have ADHD?
    Krill Oil Omega-3 Improves Concentration by 60% and Fights ADHD
    Remove Gluten from the diet

    Allergy Antidotes 
    Allergy Research Group 
    Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Techniques 
    Allergy Be Gone 
    Allergy Buyers Club 
    Enormously Useful Allergy Treatment - With Virtually No Side Effects

    Four Major Culprits Causing Alzheimer's
    Plant, herb compond prevents brain inflammation
    Astaxanthin, Oil and Vitamins use helps avoid Alzheimer's
    Alzheimer's prevention 101
    Dementia is preventable
    New hope for Alzheimer's treatment or prevention

    Authenitic CMO 
    Alpha Flex 
    Broccoli & Cauliflower may prevent, treat arthritis
    Eat Broccoli and avoid arthritis
    New Breakthrough for Joint Discomfort
    Addressing the causes of Arthritis
    A Five-Pronged Approach to Chronic Joint Pain and Inflammation - Jon Barron
    Physical Therapy as Good as Surgery for Osteoarthritic Knees and Torn Meniscus - Mercola

    Magnesium , omega-3, Curcumin improves asthma control
    Asthma could have a natural fix
    Use nature instead of dangerous drugs to treat and relieve asthma
    Asthma and Hay Fever solution
    This Nutrient Can Prevent or Fight Asthma

Athelet's Foot
    A Natural Home Remedy for Athlete's Foot - Addtional Home Remedies

    How a Physician Cured her son's autism - Transcript of interview with Dr. Mercola
    Camel Milk helps with Autism

Back Problems
    The Feldenkrais Method 

Blood Pressure
    Help manage stress and blood pressure with walnuts
    This "Chinese Secret" Lowered Blood Pressure in 85% of Trials
    Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to High Blood Pressure
    How Blood Pressure Medicine works and their side effects 
    Vitamin D Levels linked to Arterial stiffness
    The Four Most Dangerous Blood Pressure Drugs 
    Why Some Doctors don't Prescribe Blood Pressure Drugs 

Bad Bacteria and Super-Bugs
    Antimicrobial copper kills 97 percent of deadly bacteria, reduces infection rate by 40 percent
    Colloidal silver is better than antibiotics

    The Budwig Diet for the Cure and Prevention of Cancer 
    Mediterranean diet heals; everyday American groceries kill 
    The Mediterranean Diet Spells Disease's Demise 
    Magaziner Center for Wellness 
    Century Wellness  - James W. Forsythe 
    Issels Treatment - Comprehensive Immunotherapy for Cancer 
    Ultimate Cancer Breakthrough 
    Vitamin B17 (Amygdalin) - Foods - Quackwatch - Natl Cancer Institute  - Real Story of Amygdalin
    The Only Answer to Cancer - Dr. Leonard Coldwell
    Breast Cancer:
        Scientists find turmeric and black pepper spices may prevent breast cancer
        Broccoli zaps cells that fuel tumor growth
        Beating Breast Cancer
    Scientists discover how Cordyceps mushrooms fight cancer 
    Gerson Institute/Cancer Curing Society 
    Cesium: A Cancer Cure  
    Mango prevents and halts growth of colon and breast cancer cells
    Papaya is effective against breast, pancrease and other cancers
    Vitamin D virtually eliminates Breast Cancer
    Cordyceps mushroom is an effective cancer treatment
    Hyperthermia with low dose radiation
    LifeExtension Nov. 2007 - International Cancer Alliance
    Fucoidan from Sea Weed effective against Lymphomas and other forms of cancer
    Frankincense stops cancer
    1953 Fitzgerald Report to Congress
    Problems with "European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition" (EPIC) -Fruits and Vegetables aren't effective
    Common white button mushrooms enhance the immune system to fight infections and cancer - more mushrooms=more immune response
    Herbs for Healing Cancer - Paw Paw & Graviola
    Standard Therapies have failed and are not accepted by oncologists
    Watercress Turns Off Signal That Causes Tumors to Develop
    The Dentist Who Cured Cancer
    Broccoli Nutrients Halts Growth of Cancer Tumors
    Cancer Cure in dairy-free diet based on anti-cancer plants
    Popular Cancer Drug Declared More Harmful Than Helpful
    Curcumin effective against cancer - One of the most powerful anticancer agents - Effective against Colon Cancer & Inflamation
    Root Cause of Cancer Ignored
    Prevent Cancer with Anthocyanins
    The Illegal Herb that Fights Cancer
    Cancer Breakthrough: 50-60% Success Rate, Cures the Incurable
    Real Reason the Cancer Industry Never Talks About Prevention
    Burzynski developed a cancer cure that government fights for 14 years - The Movie - DVD
    Cancer is Curable Now - Movie
    Dr. Lorraine Day reversed her severe, advanced cancer by rebuilding her immune system
    Tragic Decision That May of Cost Steve Jobs his Life
    Colon Cancer Increases with Heated Protein Intake
    Bromelain in Pineapples Kills Cancer Cells without Harming You + other Cancer cures.
    Resveratrol could be key to curing aggressive prostate cancer
    Propolis slows cancer growth
    Calcium D-Glucarate An Anti-Cancer Supplement
    Starve Cancer cells with a Ketogenic Diet
    Cancer as a Metabolic Disease-PDF - Interview with Dr. Thomas Seyfried
    Calorie Restriction (Ketogenic Diet) as a Means to Augment Cancer Therapies - Dr. Mercola and interviews
    Vitamin C can kill cancer
    Integrated Cancer Therapies Curcumin, Glutamine, Vitamin D, Maitake Mushrooms, Fish Oil, Green Tea,  Melatonin, Probiotics - PDF
    Sea Cucumber extract kills cancers and helps arthritis - Natural News
    Curcumin--A "Universal" Cancer Treatment 
    Onions work better than chemotherapy and no side effects
    Two Rainforest herbs that destroy cancer and alleviate side effects from chemotherapy 

    ThreeLac Condida Defense 

    Niacin outperforms Zetia for reducing arterial plaque
    The Cholesterol Myth that is Harming Your Health - Dr. Mercola
    Does High Cholesterol REALLY Cause Heart Disease? - interview with Uffe Ravnskov, MD, PhD
    The International Network of Cholesterol Skeptics (
    The Cholesterol Myths - Uffe Ravnskov, MD, PhD
    Cholesterol and Health - Uncovering the Truth about America's Most Demonized Nutrient
    Fat Head movie - You've been fed a load of bologna
    One in Four over 45 Take This Unnecessary Drug - Dr. Mercola
    Statin Drugs: What You Need To Know, 11 Dangerous Cholesterol Drugs - Dr. Mercola
    900 Studies Show Statin Drugs are Dangerous - Dr. Mercola
    Eating Coconut oil lowers HDL and reduces fat
    TheCholesterol Myth - Jon Barron
    Women with high cholesterol live longer, have fewer heart attacks and strokes

    Is Zinc Really Good for a Cold?

    Probiotics relieve infant colic

    Is Exercise the Best Drug for Depression?
    Neuro-Natural Serenity
    Depression drugs are no better than a placebo - maybe worse
    Depression drugs cause 40,000 deats a year - but they're handed out like candy - Dr. Mercola

    Avoid developing retinopathy and maintain proper micro-circulation by supplementing with pine bark 
    Biotransformed Blueberry Juice protects mice from Diabetes 
    Reversing diabetes with raw living foods
    Chinese Herbs Really Do Help Prevent Diabetes
   A Completely Curable Disease Your Doctor is Treating All Wrong
    Raw for Thirty six people eat only raw food for 30 days, reverses diabetes (one is type 1 diabetic)
    Magnesium reduces risk of Diabetes
    Prevent Diabetes with a handful of nuts each day

Degenerative Diseases (cancer, heart disease, diabetes)
    Gerson Tapes

    Emotional Freedom Technique - acupuncture without the needles

    Saffron could save your eyesight
    Treatment for Macular Degenerration  Jonathan Wright - Tahoma Clinic
    Cure for Age Related Macular Degeneration
    Consume more Omega-3s to protect your eyesight
    Eyeport Vision Training System
    Most Important Food for Health Eyes (No, It's Not Carrots)
    B vitamins may be permanent cure for eye conditions
    Eye support formula
    Prevent age-related eyesight degeneration naturally

    The Simple Fibromyalgia Treatment that’s Nearly Always Overlooked…

Flu (and Colds)
    East Park Research 
    Garlic Cure 
    Echinacea Herb 
    Baking Soda 
    Chinese herb F. assa-foetida "Dung of the Devil" is more effective than Adamantine for H1N1 flu
    Vitamin D proven better than vaccines at preventing flu infections
    New Proof that Flu Vaccines are Unnecessary and Ineffective
    Physical fitness prevents seasonal flu infections far better than vaccines
    CDC admits that flu vaccines don't work
    Analysis Finds Flu Vaccine Efficacy Lacking, as Flu Vaccines are Suspended Across Europe and Canada

Headaches & Migraines
    Forever Well
    Use Herbal Remedies for Headaches 
    Solutions for Headaches
    Six safe, natural solutions for getting rid of migraine headache pain

Heart Problems
    Reverse Deadly Heart Problems Now 
    What you Really Need to Know about Heart Disease and Its Treatment - Transcript 
    Book: Human Heart, Cosmic Heart by Thomas Cowan MD
    New Approaches for Heart Attacks 
    Why Heart Bypass and Stents are unnecessary - Riddle's Solution 

Herpes and Cold Sores
    Never an Outbreak

High Blood Pressure
    Simple Way to Lower Your Blood Pressure -- Just Avoid THIS…
    Celery Juice Every Day Keeps High Blood Pressure at Bay
    Raw Garlic Fights Hypertension
    Normalize Blood Pressure without Drugs
    Eat Brown Rice to Prevent High Blood Pressure
    Take Simple Steps to Avoid High Blood Pressure
    Reduce High Blood Pressure Naturally
    Olive Leaves and Oil reduce Blood Pressure
    L-arginine is key to healthy blood vessels and lower blood pressure

Hot Flashes
    Simple Strategies for Stopping Hot Flashes Naturally

    Improve Stomach Acid in just one minute

    Discover the Benefits of Ashwagandha

Joints and Cartilage
    Avocado Soy Unsaponifiables (ASU) rebuilds cartilage The Barron Report  Advanced Bionutrionals 

    Omega-3 Helps Reverse Memory Loss

Motion Sickness
    Avoiding Getting Sick when you travel

    Altoona Medical Supply 
    Use Noni for Pain Relief
    Panitrol - all natural ingredients for pain relief
    100% Success Rate for Relieving Pain
    Understanding Pain Killers and Inflamation
    Cucumin & Boswellia are better for pain

    Mucuna Pruriens Shows Promise

    Hormone treatments for prostate can cause problems
    97 percent of men survive prostate cancer without treatment
    Prostate Health
    Prostate Cancer Screening has zero benefits
    Magnum with two Carnitines without Testosterone
    For Prostate Health use the correct type of Saw Palmetto
    The vitamin you need (K2) to prevent Prostate Cancer
    Your Diet can Reduce the Risk of Prostate Cancer
    Prostate Cancer Treatments spur cancer to grow
    Prostate Special Report - Dr. David Brownstein
    Diet Can Reduce Risk of Prostate Cancer

SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)
    Caused by gases from mattress - can be eliminated with correct mattress cover
    How to protect against SIDS (Cot Death)
    Victory over SIDS - Lendon H. Smith MD
    SIDS coverup - Lendon H. Smith
    Newest research (2011) shows reduction in SIDS with Breastfeeding
    A Link between Vaccines and SIDS
    Tummy Time is Important for Infant Development
    Cause of SIDS

Skin conditions
        The Miracle Fat for Exzema--GLA

        UV-B Light to increase Vitamin D

    Skin Tags
        Skin Tag Removal, Elimate Skin Growth

    Callahan Techniques - Stress Busting Program 

    Vitamin B3 shows promise in treatment of stroke

    Dealing with a Sluggist Thyroid 
    Avoid This if You Want to Keep Your Thyroid Healthy
    Synthetic drugs like Synthroid could actually make your condition worse

Tooth Decay
    Coconut oil can kill bacteria that causes tooth decay

    Protection Against Ulcers

Warts & Moles

12. Allopathic Medicine

Control of Information
    Nutrition Secrets “They” Don't Want You to Know About  Second Copy 
    History of FDA raids

Drug Companies Fraud
    The "Best Route" to Good Health is Causing 106,000 Deaths/Year
    Big Pharma: Biggest Defrauder of Federal Government

Psychiatric Drugs Cause Harm
    Citizens Commission on Human Rights 

PolyPharmacy - Too Much Medication
    Treatment is worse than the problem
    Klonopin detox much worse that Heroin

Standard Care Causes Problems
    10 Biggest Health Care Lies in America 
    Alzheimer's Drubs Cause Brain Damage and Actually Worsen Memory Loss 
    12 Medical Myths Even Most Doctors Believe . . . 
    Avoid THESE Medical Treatments Whenever Possible
    Facts Which Will Make Your Blood Boil
    Hospitals are a Major Health Hazard
    America's Healthcare System is the Third Leading Cause of Death
    Cancer Research and Peer Review Fraud
    Hospital Worker's Clothing can be deadly
    Avoid Hospitals in July

Drug testing
    Antidepressants work no better than placebo
    Many pharmeceutical drugs only work if you believe they do - Negative experience can stop painkillers
    FDA Approves Big Pharma drugs without effectiveness data

13. Energy Fields

Energy Fields 
    Tri-Vortex Technology 
    The Quantum Resonance System     
    Quantum Distance Healing 
    Qe Shop 
    Bio Electric Shield 
    RF Safe 

Healing Energy
    Heal your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies 

    Alex Chi Magnetic Rings 
    Powerful Magnets affect on the brain

Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) Affects Health
    Cordless Phone EMFs Trigger Heart Rhythm Abnormalities

14. Healthy Households

    BluesBuster - Full Spectrum Light Bulbs 
    Verilux - Life in a Better Light 
    Full Spectrum Solutions 
    Ion & Light Company 

    Lodge Cast Iron Cookware 
    Healthy Home 
    Ecover - Environmental washing and cleaning products 
    Allergy Be Gone 
    Allergy Buyers Club 
    Canning Pantry - Canning Supplies, Grain Mills, Kitchen Essentials, etc. 
    Discount Juicers 
    Lehmans - Canning, Etc. 
    Healthy Ceramic Cookware

15. Organic Gardening

    Square Foot Gardening 
    The Dirt Doctor 
    Organic Seed Alliance 
    Organic Seed 
    Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply 
    Invisible Gardener 
    Squanto's Garden - A look at the Pilgrims and Thanksgiving 
    Survival Seed Bank - seeds/info for one full acre
    ProtoGrow Natural Fertilizer
    How to Eliminate Bugs and Pests Without Using Poison
    AlwaysEco launches line of Natural Pest Control Products

16. Entertainment

    Spiritual Cinema Circle 

17. Health Services

Compounding Pharmacies
    Jolley Pharmacy - SLC, UT 801-486-1528
    Professional Compounding Centers of America 

    Holistic Dental Association 
    National Integrated Health Associates 
    Biological Dentistry 
    The Natural Dentist 

Diagnostic Tools 
    Metabolic Typing 
    Asyra PRO (Photon Resonance Optimization) 

Doctors - Chiroprators - Homeopathy
    Dr. Resource Guide from Breakthrough by Suzanne Somers
    Jack Stockwell - NUCCA doctor - South Jordan, UT 
    Bowen Therapy Technique  - 43 states
    Center for Natural Medicine - Portland, Oregon
    Tahoma Clinic - King Co. Washington - Dr. Jonathan Wright
    Heel - Bridge between Homeopathy and Conventional Medicine 
    Jace Wellness Center - North Hollywood, CA 
    California Healthspan Institute - Dr. Ron Rothenberg 
    The American Health Institute - Los Angeles, CA - Dr. Michael Galitzer  Book: Clinical Bioenergetics 
    P.A.T.H. - New York, NY - Dr. Eric Braverman, MD 
    Synergy Wellness Clinics, Inc - Palm Desert, CA - Dr. Steve Nelson 
    Optimal Health - SLC, UT - E.A. Jeppsen, MD - S. Osguthorpe, N.D.  
    The Spa - SLC, UT - Dr. Steven Jepson MD
    Center for Hormone Therapy - Draper, UT - Kirt Moore MD, Robert Jones DC
    All for Women Health Care - SLC, UT - Marcia Scoville MS CNM 
    Utah Natural Medicine - SLC, UT - Rachel Burnett, ND 
    Anti-Aging Physician Locations 13 states
    The Hall Center - Santa Monica, CA - Prudence Hall MD, Howard Liebowitz MD, etc.
    My Bioidential Hormones - Northbrook, IL - Maria Krasztbsja MD 
    Innovative Directions in Health - Edina, MN - Dr. Khalid Mahmud MD 
    Schwarzbein Institute - Santa Barbara, CA - Diana Schwarzbein MD
    Hotze Health & Wellness Center - Houston, TX - Steven Holze  MD
    Whitaker Wellness Institute - Newport Beach, CA - Julian Whitaker MD 
    Stan Gardner  - Preventive Medicine Group in Westlake, Ohio
    Dr. Leonard Coldwell - Instinct Based Medicine 
    Riordan Clinic - Wichita KS - Ron Hunningshake MD, Vitamin C research

18. Emotional Health

Neuro Emotional Technique
    Net Mind Body 
    Callahan Techniques 

    Vipassana Meditation 

19. Natural Health Organizations

    North American Society of Homeopaths 
    International Alliance of Healthcare Educators 
    Sacro Occipital Research Society International 
    American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists - AAPS 

20. Education

Books - CDs- DVDs
    Rodale Books 
    FC & A Publishing 
    Bibliography of Natural Health Related books
    Make Herbal Medicines - 3 DVDs and 150 page reference

Educational Sites
    NaturalPedia - excerpts from books on Natural Medicine 
    Foundation of Inegrated Medicine 
    Homeopathic Educational Services 
    National College of Natural Medicine 
    Tai Sopia Wellness School 
    American College of Nutrition 
    Metabolic Type Determination 
    Enzyme University 
    International College of Applied Kinesiology 
    Ormoganics - Ayurveda 
    Wellness Support Network, Inc. 
    Klinghardt Academy for the Healing Arts 
    American Society for the Alexander Technique 
    Massachusetts General Hospital - Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine 
    Univ. of Massachusetts Med. School - Center for Mindfulness 
    Weston A. Price Foundation 
    Clayton College of Natural Health 
    Marion Institute 
    Biological Medicine 
    Asian Institute of Medical Studies - Tucson, AZ - teaching Traditional Chinese Medicine  Interview 
    Dr. Christopher's School of Natural Healing - My Affiliate Site
    Life - Life Extension YouTube Channel - Making medicine safer for all of us

Government Resources
    Clinical Trials - service of National Institutes of Health 

    Principles of Homeopathy
    The Homaccords 
    Why Skeptics Love to Hate Homeopathy by Amy L. Lansky, PhD of
    Randomized Controlled trial of homoeopathy versus placebo in perennial allergic rhinitis. . . 
    National Center for Homeopathy 
    1-800 Homeopathy 
    The Case for Homeopathic Medicine: Consider the Historical and Scientific Evidence
    Nobel Prize Winner Luc Montagnier Support Science of Homeopathy
    The Disinformation Myths against Homeopathy

    Blaylock Wellness Report - Dr. Russell Blaylock 

    Endocrine News 
    Townsend Letter  - The Examiner of Alternative Medicine 

    Food, Inc.
    The Future of Food
    Inside the Meatrix 
    The Beautiful Truth - About Cures of Cancer by Gerson Therapy
    The Gerson Miracle staring Charlotte Gerson by Steve Kroschel
    Dying to Have Known by Steve Kroschel - About  Gerson Therapy
    Healing Cancer From Inside Out by Mike Anderson
    Eating by Mike Anderson
    Cancer Conquest by Burton Goldburg 
    Burzynski the Movie - Cancer is serious business - Watch whole movie

21. Activism

    One Healthy World - Free source of the latest news, articles and Self care tips. 
    Burton Goldberg - the voice of Alternative Medicine 
    National Health Federation 
    Bare Foots Cure America 
    David Icke - Exposing the Dreamworld we believe to be real 
    Bio Truth 

Avoiding Scientific Facts
    What Happens When Your Government Chooses to Side-Step Scientific Truth?

Problems of Medical Organizations
    Historical Quotes 

Problems with Medical Research
    Expectations and doctors responses can change results

Peer Review
    Uneasy Aliance - Clinical Investigators and the Pharmeceutical IndustryNew England Journal of Medicine 
    Semelweis Society - Fight abuse of Sham Peer Review
    Pernicious Peer Review - Sham Peer Review in Medicine  
    Ghost Authorship in Industry-Initiated Randomised TrialsNew York TimesPLoS (Public Lib. of Science)  
    Why Most Published Research Findings are FalseProblems in AnalysisCommentResponse to criticism 
    Peer Review Congress 

22. Comprehensive Sites

    Natural News 
    NaturalNews.TV - Videos on health, medicine, diseases, food, gardening and nutrition
    Natural News Links 
    Evergreen Juices 
    Find Naturopathic Doctor 
    Weston A. Price Foundation 
    Nutrient Reference 
    Supplement Reference 
    Herb Reference 
    Healing Food Reference 
    New Chapter 
    Eat Well Guide - Find local stores, markets, farms, etc. 
    Family Health News & Nutrition 
    Source Naturals 
    Quantum Nutrition Center 
    Dr David Williams 
    Health Truth Revealed 
    Tahoma Clinic Dispensary - Articles 
    Health911 - Folk Remedies 
    Global Healing Center 
    Dr. Christopher's Herbal Legacy 
    Daves Healing Notes - from Dave's Nutrition - Salt Lake, UT

23. Major Natural Health Suppliers

    Frequency Rising, Wellness for the Body, Mind, & Soul 
    Discount Vitamins & Herbs 
    The BeeWell Company 
    The Raw Food World 
    Universal Supplements 
    Sonne´s Organic Foods, Inc 
    Renew Life -Digestive Care and Cleansing 
    Dr. Schulze 
    Pure Body Institute 
    Organic Pharmacy 
    The Synergy Company 
    Living Nutritionals 
    Jarrow Formulas 
    Rocky Fork Formulas, Inc.
    PC NetwoRx Inc. 
    Heritage Store 
    Longevity Plus 
    My Health Store 
    Quantum Health 
    B&B Pharmacy & Health Care Center 
    Culture of Life Shop 
    Healthy Habits 
    East Park 
    Mother Nature 
    Nature City 
    BioTechne Complex - International Importer 
    Institute for Vibrant Living 
    Inspired Living 
    Promo Life - promoting a healthier lifestyle 
    Lane Labs 
    Natural Medicine Web 
    Health Superstore 

Products and Services Exclusively to Healthcare Professionals
    Designs for Health - Twice a day essentials, Formulas for Wormen,
    Metagenics  Order from LuckyVitamin  

24. Anatomy, Physiology and Chemistry

Lessons From The Miracle Doctors by Jon Barron 

The Urinary System Diseases

The Intestinal Tract

    Sympathy for the FDA - If You Will
    Carbohydrates & Sugar (Monosaccharides, Disaccharides, Polysaccharides)

Survival Principles

Food Storage
    Storable Organics

Survive in Place Lessons

    Top 10 Mistakes Found in Most 72-Hour Kits Mistakes 1-5, Mistakes 6-10
    How to Increase Your Awareness
    Biological Safe Zone
    Urban Survival Skills

Power Generation

    Solar Power
        Backup Solar Power Generation
    Living Off-Grid
        Off The Grid News
        How to Power Appliances After a Disaster

Gold & Silver

        Gold Buyers Survival Manual


    The Weber Global Opportunities Report - Christopher Weber prophesies

26. Healthy Babies

Healthy Environments
    Too much Cleanliness causes problems
    Toxic chemicals found in baby products
    5 tips for creating a healthy home environment - HealthNews discussion

Medical Care for Children
    Shocking Overradiation of Infants

    Deaths and SID related to too many vaccines

Milk Problems