The Deniers (of Anthrogentic Global Warming)
  1. Dr. Edward Wegman - Statistics Needed
  2. Sir Nicholas Stern Ph.D. - Warming is real and has benefits
  3. Dr. Christopher Landsea - Hurricane Expert Who Stood up to UN Junk Science
  4. Dr. Duncan Wingham - Polar Scientists on thin ice 
  5. Dr. Richard Lindzen - Into the Cold
  6. Dr. Henrik Svensmark - The Sun moves Climate Change
  7. Dr. Nigel Weiss - Mistakenly presented as denier with comments about Solar Cooling
  8. Prof. Hendrik Tennekes - The Limits of Predictability
  9. Dr. Habibullo Abdussamatov - Look to Mars for the Truth about Global Warming
  10. Dr. Nir Shariv - Limited role for CO2
  11. End the Chill
  12. Dr. Jasper Kirkby - Clouded Research
  13. Dr. Claude Allegre - No basis for saying the science is settled
  14. Dr. Sami Solanki - The Heat's in the Sun
  15. Dr. Carl Wunsch - Unsettled Science 
  16. Dr. Paul Reiter - Bitten by the IPCC
  17. Dr. Syun-Ichi Akasofu - Little ice age is still with us 
  18. Prof. Freeman Dyson - Fighting climate 'fluff'
  19. Dr. Eigil Friis-Christensen - Science, not politics 
  20. Dr. Roger Revelle - Gore's guru disagreed 
  21. Dr. Zbigniew Jaworowski - The ice-core man 
  22. Dr. Antonino Zichichi - Some restraint in Rome 
  23. Dr. William Nordhaus - Discounting logic 
  24. Dr. Hans von Storch - Dire forecasts aren't new 
  25. They call this a consensus? 
  26. Dr. Michael Griffin - NASA chief silenced 
  27. Dr. George Kukla - Forget warming - beware the new ice age 
  28. Dr. R. Timothy Patterson - Read the Sunspots
  29. Prof. Tom V. Segalstad - Models trump measurements 
  30. Dr. Bob Carter - What global warming, Australian skeptic asks 
  31. Dr. William Gray - In the eye of the storm of global warming
  32. Dr. Anastasios Tsonis - From chaos, coherence 
  33. Dr. Stephen Schwartz - The aerosol man 
  34. Prof. Stephen Salter - The Hot Trend is cool yachts 
  35. Dr. David Bromwich - You still need your parka in Antarctica 
  36. Dr, Vincent Gray - IPCC too blinkered and corrupt to save 
  37. Dr. Cliff Ollier - Why melting of ice sheets 'is impossible' 
  38. Dr. Rhodes Fairbridge - Climate change by Jupiter 
Response to the book "The Deniers" - Resources for Understanding Issues Raised in The Deniers by Lawrence Solomon 

Additional Scientists that dispute claims of AGW.
More than 700 International Scientist Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming - Senator Inhofe