Sunday, May 16th Everyone is Welcome to attend or watch the live broadcast
Next week May 2nd, back to normal church meetings.

11:30 AM Sacrament Meeting
12:30 Gospel Doctrine/Youth Classes/Primary
May 16th Sacrament Meeting:  Meeting Program

All Other Meetings at 10AM
Sunday School Week 1st and 3rd Sundays:
Gospel Doctrine: Zoom Meeting  Meeting ID: 932 1271 9379 Passcode: 145451
Class 12: Eric Larsen and Bishop Bailey Google Meet  Meeting Code: jqe-cwjz-eob
Class 13: Connie Christensen and Kelli Robison  Google Meet Meeting Code: zhb-qgak-pxq
Class 14: Kelly Shields Google Meet  Meeting Code: qoq-bdrb-vxo
Class 15: Doug Robison and Joe Tarbet Zoom Meeting
Class 16-18 Combined: Melanie Davies and Kristen Gillins Google Meet  Meeting Code: mrr-zkuj-mmd

Relief Society-Priesthood Week 2nd and 4th Sundays:

Relief Society:  Zoom Meeting   Meeting ID: 950 0798 6242 Passcode: 355447  Relief Society Schedule April-Sept 

April 25th: Remember Your Way Back Home, by Elder Jose A. Teixeira.

Elders Quorum:  Zoom Meeting    Meeting ID: 932 1271 9379 Passcode: 145451  Elder's Quorum Schedule April-Sept

April 25th: I love to see the Temple - by President Henry B. Eyring

YW – 16: Zoom Meeting 

YW – 14: Zoom Meeting  Meeting ID: 487 125 6099 Passcode: 5xHvN1

YW – 12: Zoom Meeting  Meeting ID: 535 670 9376 Passcode: Gz84mC

YM – Priests: Zoom Meeting  Meeting Code: wpp-wutn-gvx

YM – Teachers: Zoom Meeting   Meeting Code: wun-joud-gzs

YM – Deacons: Zoom Meeting   Meeting ID: 844 0919 4513 Passcode: XPQwz4


April 12-18 :  COME FOLLOW ME: Doctrine and Covenants 37–40 - "If Ye Are Not One, Ye Are Not Mine."
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Missionary Addresses:

May Birthdays:

10. Corissa Anderson
11. Blaine Hare
11 Kyle Stevens
12. Christy Cummings
12. Gracie Stevens
12 Hayes Taylor
13. Arvadale Ashman
14. Elizabeth Bartholomew
14. McKay Shields
14. Katie Stevens
17. Alicia Cahoon
17. Marty Lunt
17. Katelyn Saltzman
18 Brenda Huntsman
18. Isla Staples
22 Emery Finlinson
22 Michael Hargus