The Fix is In

Having worked as a team leader for Clark County Elections for thirty years (County Departments are supposed to pony up a percentage of their employees to supervise election sites), and given that I worked for Juvenile Justice Administration (and therefore drew the short straw), I had a fairly extensive inside view of how elections in the County were conducted.  Someone asked me recently what was different this election from previous elections.  I responded that the more pertinent question was...what hasn't changed??

Anytime the vote count is stopped at about 1:00 am following the day of the election, you could guess chicanery is afoot.  Because by that time, perhaps 90% of the vote is tabulated...and if cheating is going to take place, the cheaters need to know just how many ballots to "release" so as to put their side "over the top".  Interesting that Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Nevada (more also??) did exactly that.

The Constitution presumes "one person one vote".  The Constitution also presumes a "secret ballot".  Both presumptions are compromised by universal "mail ballots" and worse, by "ballot harvesting".  Both were ratified in Nevada law in September by a special session Nevada Legislative vote...which took place behind closed doors and occurred at 2:00 am on the morning it passed. - Alan Pulsipher