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From chapter 11 of Natural Cures “They” Don't Want You To Know About
Books and Health References 

by Kevin Trudeau

Correct Care of your Body

11. Only eat Organic Beef and Poultry

    Healthy Animals make Healthy Humans
    Why Eat Organic Meat
    Laura's Lean Beef

18. Most people are deficient in Calcium

    Calcium and Calcium Deficiency 
    Calcium Deficiency: What You Should Know 
    Calcium: Which Form Is Best? 

41. Juicing absolutely necessary to get proper nutrition

    Why should we juice? 
    JuicePlus+ vs Vitamin and Mineral Supplements 
    Juicing is the Key to Radiant Health 
    Tips to Improve Your Health by Juicing 
    Interview with Carol Macintosh of Evergreen Wheatgrass Juice 
    Six Reasons to Drink Green Juice Every Day 

43. Colon cleansing needed by everyone

    Top 10 Colon Cleansers 
    What is Colonix and why is it so popular? 
    Gastrointestinal Quackery: Colonics, Laxatives, and More 
    Natural Colon Cleansing: Is It Necessary? 
    Colon cleansing: Is it helpful or harmful?  - Mayo Clinic
    Colon Cleansing Forum 
    Colon Cleansing Zone 
    Detoxify the Colon and Kidneys 
    Colon Hydrotherapy 
    How Health Works 

45. Proper diet can cure illness and lead to vibrant health

    The Budwig Diet for the Cure and Prevention of Cancer 
    Raw Food Diet Offers Considerable Benefits
    Mediterranean diet heals; everyday American groceries kill 
    The Mediterranean Diet Spells Disease's Demise 
    Red Grapes "Wonder Cure" for High Cholesterol, Blood Pressure  

49. Eating raw organic fruits and vegetables can give you dynamic health

    Healing Powers of Raw (Living) Foods and Juices (part 1) 
    Healing Powers of Raw (Living) Foods and Juices (part 2) 
    Living and Raw Foods 
    Wikipedia - Eating Raw Foods
    Raw Guru 
    Why Raw Foods? 
    The raw foods diet: The taste alone is worth it! 
    Articles on Raw Foods 
    Steve Pavlina experience with Raw Foods 
    Raw Foods and Enzymes 
    East Park Research 

52. Your body needs natural sunlight

    Sun Protective Clothing 

--- Sun Gazing

    Solar Healing Center 
    Sun Gazing Process 
    Dr. Pressman discusses HRM (Sri Hira Manak Ratan Ji)  
    Dr. Shah's Report 

55. Lack of Smiles, Hugs, and Affection can cause illness

56. Words can have a powerful impact on your health and success

57. Writing things down causes them to happen

--- Women's Health

    Christiane Northrup, M.D. 
    Dr. Lark 

--- Men's Health

    Iron Curtain Labs 
    Northand Biogenics 

--- Organic Food

    Lundberg Family Farms 
    Applegate Farms 
    Earthbound Farm 
    Newman's Own Organics 
    Eden Organic 
    Sun Organic 
    Selina Naturally 
    Gold Mine Natural Foods 
    South River Miso 
    Organic Consumers Association 
    Beyond Pesticides 
    Living Nutritionals 
    Ultimate Life Products 
    Barlean's Organic Oils 
    Wilderness Family Naturals 
    Flora Health USA
    Aunt Patty's Natural Foods 
    The Hain Celestial Group 
    SunFood - LegaSea, TRUessence, Smartfood, O3world 
    Diamond Organics 
    Hearland Mill - Grain, Flour
    Food for Life - Sprouted Whole Grain Foods 
    Purity Foods - Vita Spelt, Grains, Cereal, Flour, Pasta, Snacks 
    Lydia's Organics - Dehydrated foods made from raw, organic, vegan ingredients 
    Lakewood Juices 
    Maharishi Ayurveda Products International 
    Organic Fruits and Nuts 
    Rejuvenative Foods 

--- Sprouts

    Sprout People 

--- Chocolate

    Rapunzel - Chocolate, Oils & Vinegar, Soups, Cane Sugar 
    Sjaaks Organic Chocolates 
    Chocolate Alchemy - The Art and Science of Homemade Chocolate 
    Sweet Earth Chocolates 
    World Wide Chocolates 

--- Nutritionals

    Earths Bounty - Noni, Gogi, Etc.  
    Freelife - Gogi   GogiChi 
    Mona Vie - açai berry 
    Drink Life In - Moringa mix 
    Exotic Fruit Market 
    Sun Chlorella 
    Maca Magic 
    STEMTech HealthSciences, Inc - Helping the Body Heal Itself 
    Metabolic Meaintenance 
    Tahitian NONI 
    Sambazon - Acai 
    Bossa Nova (Acai, Gogi, Mangosteen, Acerola)

--- Aloe

    True Aloe 
    Catherine's Choice Aloe Vera 
    Forever Living 

--- Life Extension - Longevity - Anti-Aging

    Life Extension 
    International Antiaging Systems 
    Gordon Research Institute 
    East Park Research 

--- Omega-3

    Iseland Health 
    Nordic Naturals 
    Carlson Labs 

--- Organic Meat

    Diestel Turkeys 
    Northstar Bison 
    Inside the Meatrix
    Damar Farms 
    Natural Acres 
    Dakota Beef Company 
    Wild Idea Buffalo 
    Organic Buffalo 
    Petaluma Poultry 
    Blackwing Quality Meats 
    Sheepdrove Organic Farm 
    Lobel's Heritage Meats 
    Thirteen Mile Lamb & Wool Company 
    Foxfire Farms 
    VitalChoice Wild Seafood & Organics 
    Rose Fisheries 
    Wild Planet - Wild Seafood 
    St. Jude Tuna 
    Marine Stewardship Council
    Seafood Selector  -  Fish Advisories 

--- Real Milk

    Campaign for Real Milk
    Organic Pastures 
    Organic Valley Coop.

--- Slow Food

    Slow Food 
    Slow Food USA 

--- Sweetner

    Stevia Smart 
    Madhava Honey
    Maple Valley Syrup 

--- Sea Vegatables

    Main Coast Sea Vegatables 

--- Skin Care - Beauty

    Burt's Bees 
    Jason Pure, Natural & Organic
    Dr. Jauiscjla Skin Care 
    Eminence Organic Skin Care 
    Sea Chi 
    Aubrey Organics 
    Suki Naturals 
    Ecco Bella 
    Nature's Gift - Essential Oils 
    Dr. Ron's Ultra Pure 
    Desert Essence 
    Global Health and Beauty 
    Morrocco Method Int'l 
    Soft Laser 
    East Park Research 
    Organic Health & Beauty 
    Forever Living 

--- Probiotics & Digestion

    SeroVera for Life 
    Custom Probiotics Inc. 
    Nutri Health 

--- Vitamins

    Message from Dr. Earl Mindell, author of The Vitamin Bible 
    Vitamin D 
    New Chapter 
    Vitamin E: 4Spectrum 
    Personalized Nutrition 
    Irwin Naturals 
    CostLess Vitamin 
    VP Nutrition 
    Total Health Discount Vitamins 
    Liquid B Vitamins 
    My Vitanet 
    Vitamin Shoppe 
    Twinlab - Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs, Supplements & Teas 
    Puritan's Pride 
    Vital Nutrients 
    Vitamin Research Products 
    Doctors Trust Vitamins 
    Livon Laboratories - Power Vitamin C 
    Calcomp Nutrition 
    Health Superstore 

--- Minerals

    Calcium: Dietary Calcium Fact SheetAssalt on Calcium 
    Calcium: Brazil Live Coral 
    Calcium: Nano-Cal 

--- Salt

    Himalayan Crystal Salt 
    Mineral Mountain Krystal Salt 

--- Natural Bee Products

    Manuka Honey 
    Honey Gardens - Plant Allies 
    Bee Botanicals 
    Y.S. Organic Bee Farms 
    Forever Living 

--- Natural Supplements & Nutraceuticals

    Pure Planet
    New Chapter 
    Willner Chemists - The Nutritional Supplement Professionals 
    Ben Salem Naturals 
    Thayers Natural Remedies 
    Liddell Laboratories - Advanced Homeopathy 
    Calcomp Nutrition 
    Forever Living 

--- Herbs

    Herbal Solutions 
    Himalaya Herbal Healthcare 
    Vital Nutrients 
    Dragon Herbs 
    Herbal Remedies 
    Mountain Rose Herbs 
    Kyloic - Aged Garlic Extract 
    Gaia Herbs 
    Eclectic Institute 
    Peaceful Mountain 
    Primal Essence 
    Traditional Medicinals 
    Herbal Powers 
    Discount Vitamins & Herbs 
    Chinese Herb Shop 
    Vitanet LLC 
    Herbs of Mexico 
    Planetary Herbals 
    Ridgecrest Hebals 
    Algae World 
    HealthForce Nutritionals 
    Rain Tree Nutritionals 
    Herbal Direct 

--- Teas

    Dr. Lee's Tea For Health 
    Twinlab - Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs, Supplements & Teas 
    Zhena's Gypsy tea 
    African Red Tea 
    Wisdom of the Ancients 
    Kombucha America 

--- Collodial Silver

    Sovereign Silver 

--- Aroma Therapy - Aromatics

    Mia Rose  - Aromatheraphy, Cleaners 
    Bio Excel, LLC - Essential Oil Therapeutics 
    National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy 
    Healing Natural Oils 
    Rivendell Aromatics 
    The Real Essentials - Young Living Distributor 
    Pacific Institute of Arometherapy 
    Forces of Nature 
    Star Flower Essence 

--- Household Products

    BluesBuster - Full Spectrum Light Bulbs 
    Verilux - Life in a Better Light 
    Full Spectrum Solutions 
    Ion & Light Company 

    Lodge Cast Iron Cookware 
    Healthy Home 
    Ecover - Environmental washing and cleaning products 
    Allergy Be Gone 
    Allergy Buyers Club 
    Canning Pantry - Canning Supplies, Grain Mills, Kitchen Essentials, etc. 
    Discount Juicers 
    Lehmans - Canning, Etc. 

--- Organic Gardening

    Square Foot Gardening 
    The Dirt Doctor 
    Organic Seed Alliance 
    Organic Seed 
    Peaceful Valley Farm & Garden Supply 
    Invisible Gardener 

--- Personal Medicine Chest


The World's Healthiest Foods – Chapter 1  
Body Ecology Diet 

Things to Avoid

1. Milk – Homogenization and Pasteurization - Ref1, Ref2, Ref3, Ref4

    milk and vascular disease
    Xanthine Oxidase absorption not supported for Homogenized Milk 
    Polluted Milk 

2. Aspartame – Nutrasweet

    SweetLeaf - Stevia an alternative no calorie sweetner

--- Splenda

    Truth about Splenda 

26. Tap water contains Contaminants

    2 Pure H2O - Pure Water System 
    Trinity Springs 
    Fiji Water 
    Wellness Healthier Water 
    Willard Water 
    Water Cure 

47. Eating Microwaved food is dangerous

48. Hydrogenated oil and trans fats cause many medical problems

50. Mass produced food is unhealthy

    The Battleground for Better Nutrition 

51. Sunscreens and other lotions cause cancer and other diseases

54. Watching Television can cause the body to become acidic

--- Good Movies

    Spiritual Cinema Circle 

Losing Weight

    WeightLoss-Naturally.pdf source 
    Okuma Nutritionals 

42. Juice Fasting is the most effective way to lose weight and cleanse your body

    Dr. Fuhrman and Your Ideal Weight 


28. Rebonding strengthens every cell

    Ultimate Rebound 
    Evolution Health and Fitness 
    Urban Rebounding 

31. Yoga – Amazing health benefits

    Yoga Finder 
    International Association of Yoga Therapists 
    Yoga for the Young at Heart 
    Dahn Yoga 

38. Proper Deep Breathing

    International Breath Foundation 
    Feel the Qi 
    Breath Dance 
    The Healer Within 
    RESPeRATE - Lower Blood Pressure 

--- Massage

    American Message Therapy Association 
    Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals 
    American Association of Bodywork Therapies of Asia 
    Hellerwork Structural Integration 
    Deep Tissue Massage 
    Rolf Institute 
    Fomentrek - Hot/Cold Water Bags - Relaxation 

--- Walking

    Walking Healthy Walking 

--- Hyperbaric Oxygen

    Dr. Richard Neubauer Clinic 

--- Sauna

    Health Mate 
    High Tech Health 

--- Exercise Equipment

    Age Easy  - Inversion
    Inversion Table Superstore 
    Teeter Inversion 

--- Shoes - Feet

    Dr. Kiper - Shock Absorbers for your feet 
    Orthotics Direct 
    Podiatry Channel 

Never Get Sick

19. With pH Alkaline body you can virtually never get sick

    PHion Balance
    pH Miracle Living 

37. Never have to get sick anymore

59. Easily live to over 100 years old and never get sick

--- Emotional Health

    Net Mind Body 

Cure Disease

--- Flu

    East Park Research 
    Releev - Cold and Flu relief 

--- Allergies

    Allergy Research Group 
    Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Techniques 
    Allergy Be Gone 
    Allergy Buyers Club 

--- Headaches & Migraines

    Forever Well 

--- Warts & Mole Removal


4. Energy Therapies to Cure Diseases

8. Cancer can be Cured

    Magaziner Center for Wellness 
    Century Wellness  - James W. Forsythe 
    Issels Treatment - Comprehensive Immunotherapy for Cancer 
    Ultimate Cancer Breakthrough 

--- Back Problems Solved

    The Feldenkrais Method 

27. Arthritis can be eliminated

    Authenitic CMO 
    Alpha Flex 

30. Oxygen can reverse aging, speed healing, and cure many diseases

32. Eliminate Phobias, Traumas, Addictions and Computions in as little as five minutes

33. Herbal Remedies can Potentially cure many diseases

    Health Advantage 

34. Homeopathic medicines are a safe natural alternative to drugs and surgery

    1-800 Homeopathy 

35. Fibromyalgia can be eliminated naturally

36. Natural Remedies for virtually every disease

    Cold Sores and Genital Herpes - Never an Outbreak 
    Herpes - LareaRx 

40. All-natural cure for diabetes

--- "Light" Water

    John Ellis 

--- ADHD

    Doris Rapp Education Corporation  ADHD/Bipolar 


20. Magnets can alleviate pain and cure disease

24. Pain can be eliminated without drugs or surgery

    Altoona Medical Supply 

Fixing our Broken Health

--- Effective Sleep

    Eden PM Sleep Support 
    No Jet Lag 

3. Candida Yeast

    ThreeLac Condida Defense 

5. Food Additives cause illness

6. Food Industry Purposely Corrupting your food for their purposes

9. Stress causes body to become Acidic

    HeartMath - Personal emwave stress reliver 

10. Thoughts can make you sick

12. Our food is loaded with chemicals that cause disease

22. Digestive System is dysfunctional if you live in America

23. Stress, Anxiety and Emotional problems can be cured almost instantly

    Callahan Techniques - Stress Busting Program 

39. Cleaning your liver

44. Toxins lodge in the fatty tissues and must be cleansed

--- Parasites

    The Original Parasite zapper 

--- Laughter is the Best Medicine

    Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor
    Basic Jokes 
    Aha Jokes 
    The Humor Project 
    Keep Smiling 
    Gratitude is the Key 

Energy Balance

13. Electromagnetic Pollution that affects your body

14. Our Energetic Field is affected by Magnetic Pollution

    Magnetico Sleep Pads 
    Bioelectromagnetics Society 
    Natural Feeling 
    Polar Power Magnets 

46. Energy exists and energy healing absolutely works

    Heal your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies 

53. Magnetic finger and toe rings can reduce pain, slow aging, alkalize the body and cure diseases

    Alex Chi Magnetic Rings 

--- Energy Fields

    Tri-Vortex Technology 
    The Quantum Resonance System     
    Quantum Distance Healing 
    Qe Shop 
    Bio Electric Shield 
    RF Safe 

Problems with Doctors, Drugs & EPA

7. Vaccines are deadly

15. Drugs are poisons that cause most diseases

16. Pharmaceutical Industry purposely suppresses natural effective cures

17. All Psychiatric Drugs cause harm

    Citizens Commission on Human Rights 

21. AIDS is a hoax

25. Women and being exploited and Hormone Therapy

29. FDA is suppressing natural cures

--- Allopathic Doctors

    Nutrition Secrets “They” Don't Want You to Know About  Second Copy 

Natural Web Sources

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Web Product Sources
Frequency Rising, Wellness for the Body, Mind, & Soul 
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Diagnostic Tools

Doctors - Chiroprators - Homeopathy
Jack Stockwell - NUCCA doctor - South Jordan 
Sacro Occipital Research Society International 
Bowen Therapy Technique 
Center for Natural Medicine - Portland, Oregon
Tahoma Clinic - King Co. Washington
Heel - Bridge between Homeopathy and Conventional Medicine 

Vipassana Meditation 

Holistic Dental Association 
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The Natural Dentist 
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Homeopathic Educational Services 
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Wellness Support Network, Inc. 
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Massachusetts General Hospital - Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine 
Univ. of Massachusetts Med. School - Center for Mindfulness 

Health Freedom Activism
One Healthy World - Free source of the latest news, articles and Self care tips. 
Burton Goldberg - the voice of Alternative Medicine 
National Health Federation 
Bare Foots Cure America 
David Icke - Exposing the Dreamworld we believe to be real 
Bio Truth 

Books - CDs - DVDs
Hay House 
Frederick Fell Publishers 
Rodale Books 
FC & A Publishing 
Penguin Publisher 
Seven Stories Press 
Consortium Publisher 
Random House