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    Correction of UAH satellite data in 2005  Comments
    An Alternative View Proposal for IPCC AR5 by Dr. John R. Christy 
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Climate Gate
    The Files of Climate Gate
    Climategate: Caught Green-handed! by Science & Public Policy Institute 
    Follow the Money - Wall Street Journal 
    Climategate emails ARE significant to show that they manipulated the data
    Wikipedia editor that manipulated articles on Global Warming Another article in Daily Bell 
    Files not hacked (stolen) but leaked by a whistleblower - also Lord Monckton Whistle Blower not "Hacker"
    NOAA role in ClaimateGate or manipulations of the raw data to show warming.

IPCC False Claims of melting Himalayian glacier (Himalya Gate) 
IPCC False Claims that 40% of Amazon Rainforest endangered by Global Warming 

    Dr. Roy Spencer - CO2 the blog 
    CO2 the Debate is Not Over - PDF   
Increased CO2 benefits mankind.

The answer to the key question about the effects of increased CO2 vs. temperature was answered by an article published in July 2009 by Lindzen & Choi in a peer reviewed journal. It turns out that increased CO2 does NOT hold more heat.
Dr. Richard Siegmund Lindzen (born February 8, 1940, Webster, Massachusetts) is an American atmospheric physicist and Alfred P. Sloan Professor ofMeteorology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The scientific paper by Lindzen and Choi can be found here.

A more understandable discussion can be found here, or here 

Here is the essentials, the real measured data shows the OPPOSITE effect, than what is used in all the IPCC models.

The mismatch beween reality and prediction is entirely clear. It is this astonishing graph that provides the final evidence that the UN has absurdly exaggerated the effect not only of CO2 but of all greenhouse gases on global mean surface temperature. - Lindzen & Choi (2009)

Environmental Data
    Easily Plotted by
    Central England air temperature 1650-2010 
    Central Greenland Ice Core data with graphs here

    Solar Activity from 1996 to 2006 in single photo
There is a strong correlation between the period of sunspots and the earth's temperature.

Here is some interesting information about the sun. This 2007 article suggests that we are entering a new ice age. His information is based on the activity of the sun. Interestingly, what he was talking about in 2007 is even worse now. The next sunspot cycle was overdue at that time and IT STILL HASN'T STARTED.

Here is some information from NASA on the current Deep Solar Minimum. There are some interesting records in 2008:
1. A 50-year low in solar wind pressure
2. A 12-year low in solar "irradiance"
3. A 55-year low in solar radio emissions
4. "Modern technology cannot, however, predict what comes next." but many claims are made for the next cycle, and models are based on those predictions. 

Here is another very interesting graph of Sunspot Magnetism. They make a very interesting conclusion:
"Sunspot magnetic fields are dropping by about 50 gauss per year," says Penn. "If we extrapolate this trend into the future, sunspots could completely vanish around the year 2015." 

"Whether [the current downturn] is an omen of long-term sunspot decline, analogous to the Maunder Minimum, remains to be seen,"

Remember the Maunder Minimum coincided with the middle — and coldest part — of the Little Ice Age, during which Europe and North America, and perhaps much of the rest of the world, were subjected to bitterly cold winters

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Some serious scientists that are global warming skeptics.
Some errors in Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth",CST-EDT-REF30b.article
Man's effect on climate are extremely small
Some Good charts and info
A warming cycle that repeats every 1,500 years
Problems with Hockey Stick chart
The evidence is strong that our planet is warming.
But man is not the cause and we can do hardly anything about it. Our planet has gone through several warming
cycles in the past and it will continue to go through these warming and cooling cycles.