Covid-19 - Facts and Science

The Spartacus Letter - (2021-09-28) - A Great Overview for the Understanding of COVID-19

How to Prepare for COVID (and How Not To) 

3/28/20 - MIrrored: The Swine flu fraud of 1976, on 60 minutes 

A very Complete and Comprehensive site on Covid-19 LifeFacts site on COVID-19 

A Great Documentary: Following the Science?

Top Eight COVID Lies 

Definitions of Pandemics, Vaccines, Herd Immunity All Changed 

40 Minute Video: Steve Deace: COVID-19 Narratives, Politicization of Science, and the Republic’s Willing Subjugation, - author of Faucian Bargain 

FULL INTERVIEW: There is No Variant - Not Novel - No Pandemic. Dr David Martin with Reiner Fuellmich 

BOMBSHELL: HHS documents admit the CDC has never isolated any “covid-19 virus” … PCR tests nothing but instrument NOISE … the global HOAX is rapidly unraveling 

8/9/21 - Dr. Destroys the Entire COVID Narrative 
8/9/21 - Senator Rand Paul - IT'S TIME FOR US TO RESIST
8/14/21 - Letter to First Presidency of LDS church, Re: their recent First Presidency Message supporting Covid Vaccine.
8/14/21 - Analysis of responses to the First Presidency Message on masks and immunizations 


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Vaccine Injuries

Vaccine Deaths

Mandatory Vaccinations