2020 Election Concerns

Sorry, I won’t sit back and be lectured by the left about unity and integrity and trusting the process.  You’ve abused the process for 4 years.  You’ve divided us, demanded we swear allegiance to your creed or that we too were enemies to the Republic.  Enough.  I won’t be lectured by you, or anyone else, who has spent the last four years ignoring the sacred traditions of our nation, especially while votes are still being counted, about accepting the outcome of the election. - Scott Hounsell 

Joe Biden says: “We’re in a situation where we have put together, and you guys did it for our administration…President Obama’s administration before this. We have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics,”

Long Before Election Democrats pursued a FOUR PILLARS strategy to swing the vote to Biden 

Examples of Election Fraud:

Lawsuits and Recounts

A Better Voting System

Voting machines should not have proprietary software that hides some of the functions such that not all votes are counted equally, or that allows control of the voting machine over the internet or through software that can be changed on the system. Voting software should be Open Sourced so that any experienced software engineer could examine the code to completely know what the software was doing. This assures that there are no hidden routines or operations that could affect the vote totals.A voting system should also have a paper ballot that can be used for hand counts if necessary.

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Last modified Dec. 2, 2020